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Home safety: Security tips you should not miss during vacation

Home safety: Security tips you should not miss during vacation

Wednesday September 06, 2017,

3 min Read

Are you ready to pack your bags for a vacation? Hope you’ve probably planned already with the date, the list of items to be packed, ticket & hotel room booking. Due to some excitement, people always forget about securing your apartment. Before buying an apartment, choose it in a wise manner. To ensure safety in your apartment, follow these tips to make your home a safe place when you come back!

Doors & Windows

When you leave for vacation, you need to check all the locks on your home before you leave for the vacation. Check whether all the doors and windows are able to close. Note and fix all these issues before your vacation and try to fix all these by calling a person. So that, it will help you to protect your apartment against theft.

Get some timers & security cameras

This a great way to make your home secure. Make use of the timers and security cameras and you can simply fix the security cameras to have a live view of your home. 

Your pets

When you're leaving for vacation, don’t forget to make some arrangements for your pet. Ask your close neighbor to look in on them. Make sure whether they’re comfortable with your pets and the pet is ready to adapt to them.

Let others know 

Inform your apartment manager that you’re going out for a vacation. If they’re aware of this, they will keep an eye on your home. Even you can ask them to hold any important packages or mail that might come in while you’re away.

Keep an eye

Even you ask your trusted neighbor, to have an eye on your home. If you've made any friends near your apartment, they would be happy to keep an eye on your place. This can be helpful when you leave away from your home. Make sure your neighbors know when you’re leaving for vacation and ask them to contact you for any problems which are really important.

Insurance policy

Just keep your insurance policy updated because it protects your valuables from any kind of damage, fire, theft, and many unexpected things.

Keep in mind that, if you’re leaving for a vacation. You need to follow these security tips for your apartment. However, take few precautions before you leave for the vacation. Hope you find it useful to make your home as a safe place and once you come back it needs to be same and make sure that you possess a happy, healthy and safe living! And there are flats for sale in Chennai where they have gated community apartments to provide a safe living. Find your dream home now!