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Freshen up your house – remove the mold

Even though you are strict about house cleaning, environmental factors may cause mold formation in certain areas. 

Freshen up your house – remove the mold

Wednesday August 23, 2017,

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Besides being unpleasant, it also represents the cause of several health conditions like skin irritation, sinus or pulmonary infections and allergies, among others. Kids are the most sensitive members of the family and it is your responsibility to protect their health. Therefore, take matters into your own hands and inform yourself about mold removal, starting from the factors that produce mold, various ways to prevent it, the necessity of a mold inspection to different types of mold and their negative effect on the house inhabitants. If the problem is more serious that you thought, you need to reach out to a professional company that handles mold removal.

Signs of mold growth

You can become aware of the mold growth in your home if you take into consideration several signs. The best scenario is when you easily notice the mold and you are able to remove it before it spreads and becomes a danger to your family’s health. However, there are situations when the mold is not visible and you will have a hard time discovering the source of your inconvenience, but the good news is that you can consider other helpful signs to identify the spot. Firstly, musty odor can lead you to the areas covered in mold to which you never paid attention before. The closer you get to the place, the stronger the smell becomes. Secondly, if you or other member of your family feels headaches, dizziness, and memory loss or has problems concentrating indoors, but his state improves whenever he leaves the building, you should start looking for mold to exclude this possibility from the very beginning. Other symptoms may include sore eyes and nasal congestion. In addition, if you notice signs of pipes covered with rust or condensation on glass windows that produces a high level of humidity it means that you have a possible mold situation.

Factors that cause the appearance of mold

The history of the house may influence the appearance of mold in different areas of your home. It is worth mentioning that mold needs certain conditions in order to grow, such as oxygen, darkness, warmth and moisture. The house’s foundation, the basements and even the roofs are indubitable targets, especially when the weather changes and it rains. Therefore, if you experienced in the past problems with flooding you should expect mold growth and inform yourself about different solutions or even resort to a professional inspection depending on the seriousness of the situation. As a conclusion, the excess of water negatively influences the atmosphere in your home by poisoning it with mold. If you notice leaks, prepare yourself because although the presence of mold is not visible, it can still hide behind different surfaces. In addition, if the walls and ceilings are discolored or change texture and you can see affected areas on the floor, it is time to act before the condition of your home gets worse.


Ways to prevent mold

Taking into consideration the situations that may lead to mold growth mentioned above, it is obvious that in order to prevent this unfortunate result you first need to prevent the trigger factors. Moisture can be hindered by avoiding condensation and keeping wet materials for a long time inside your home. If the weather is pleasant, you must open the windows for the fresh air to get in and if the weather gets cold or it rains use a fan to ventilate the inside of your home or dehumidifiers. Be careful with the steam that appears in the kitchen when you cook or in the bathroom when you shower because it can produce a favorable environment for the mold growth and that is your last wish. The same solution applies for the basement, you must check for leaks and condensation in order to prevent the moisture and the appearance of mold. Even though it is not a visited area of your house, you should not neglect the basement because you will regret it; all you have to do is just to clean it occasionally.

How to remove mold


If you want to avoid any discomfort created by mold growth and decide to remove it on your own, make sure that is non-toxic and that you follow the required steps. First, you must wear equipment that will protect you during the process consisting of goggles, gloves, mask and special clothing that you will throw away at the end. Depending on the area and the amount of mold, you may have to open a window or the door to allow the mold spores to get out. Then you must apply the best solution considering the type of surface and if you continue to read, you will find out several everyday products you can use against mold. Clean the area thoroughly after removing the mold to make sure that it will not reoccur in the future. After you finish, get rid of all the items in that area by putting them in plastic bags and securely throwing them out your house.


Home remedies against mold

Surprisingly, there is no need to spend money on all types of products that promise to counteract mold growth because you can find various solutions in your own home in order to solve the issue. If you wish to avoid products containing chemicals that are toxic for the environment and you prefer a natural method, apply vinegar on any type of surface because its acidity will destroy the mold. Another cheap solution for vinyl and tile is baking soda; you just put it in a bottle with water and spray it on the area. Contrary to the vinegar, it does not have such a powerful odor. Despite the fact that contains chemicals toxic for the environment, bleach is the ideal solution that removes stains and destroys microbes, including mold. You just need to protect yourself during the process and be careful at the surface you apply it on, avoid drywall or wood. The properties of tea tree oil not only help you get rid of mold, but also prevent its recurrence after just one application.