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How to become an electric violinist?

I received so many calls from young adults regarding Electric Violin playing; most of them are students from a university or a college.

How to become an electric violinist?

Monday July 09, 2018,

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Many of my students were playing violin when they were in the high school, and they forget about it when entered into the college life and once again they want to make the electric violin playing the part of their lives.


The majority of people told me that, their music happiness range from folk to jazz, hip-hop, R & B, Classical, and their love to play any instruments they want.

The teaching standards for the adults need to be amended to deliver attention and creativity. The art of Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, and Beethoven should need to be educated in every age bracket. 

People want to make connections between viola, cello, iPods music and violin; if they found no association with these, then they quit learning the electric violin lessons.

As a musician and as an electric violinist expert: I check the face emotions especially of small children when they learned that they could play any music on their electric violin. They learned how does an electric violin work? So, I feel they take inspiration and motivations.

I also observe the same passion in the adults that I have educated them. Maybe you have played electric violin in any orchestra community or a chamber group if you are playing a cello, violin, viola. 

But their also other places which can encourage you and there is no need to place yourself in the big urban city to benefit from them.

So here few tips & tricks to become an electric violinist male or female, How To Play Electric Violin Beginners?

Start From Improvisation Lessons

During childhood time I remember that there was no availability of electric violinist teaching in the village, but that thing didn’t stop me. 


But nowadays if you are living in a small village or town, you can easily find a sax player, pianist or guitarist to teach music lesson which you can start implementing on the desired instrument. 

Start learning from blues scales because it includes 90 % western popular music. The bluegrass is the major constituent of this music.

Hard-work- Reduce Your Fear

Do hard-work as much as you can, play the guitar for a longer period, In this way you can get a control on your fear. 


First, learn or study then implement on your lessons as much as you can by playing the violin. Play in a happy birthday party or a friend gets together to minimize your fear.

Start Electric Violin

Now it is time to grab an electric Violin and start playing. Attach a microphone with the violin and play it. Also, fix some budget for less costly bridges works like a magnetic pickup, mostly these pickups are associated with the cable jack of the quarter inch. 


It is easy to connect with PA or amplifier. It is not easy to become an electric violinist because you need investment, concentration, time, patience.

Set Aside Budget For Amp

Electric violin with a solid body is easy to play with amplified configuration. So not consider the shape of the electric violin while purchasing it from the electrical violin shop because it has no significant effects on the sound quality. 

The electric violin sound quality depends on the strings, the more the lines, the better the variety of electric violin sounds. Electrical violin shop sells seven, six, five, four and three strings violins.

Once You Know About How To Use An Electric Violin? Choose A Reasonable Band

If an electric violinist, you have learned all electric violin lessons then next step to find a suitable local band and start playing the violin. The electric violin is using by kinds of bands just like a guitar.