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A Journey From Chappal To Shoes

A Journey From Chappal To Shoes

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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Somebody rightly said that Sales is a Seduction and yes it is Art. 16 year old boy selling perfumes door to door at 45 Degree temperature with 15 kg bag gave me amazing experiences of life. Once I was also questioned by commercial tax department for not paying proper taxes then I gave two bottles of Burberrys' Perfumes as a bribe there itself and run away from there. I still remember our marketing professor who gave us assignment to sell "Vadapav" on Bhopal MP Nagar street was surprised movement for us.

Then times come again to sell but this time it was not products, it was service i.e bank account to NRI customers. There I believe not in convincing customers rather I thought to convert them into happy one. There I worked though "The other Way" ideology which is focused on indirect marketing for tapping new client base I started in believing that a cut chai and cigarettes are the most indispensible filaments in sales. But slowly and gradually I am learning how to read peoples mind and which nerve is to be pressed to get the work done . Humility is the one quality which I acquired in meanwhile and It was also the movement of joy of being somebody who is nobody , but my biggest assets where bundle of visiting cards, water bottle and my yellow colour cap which I used to wear in those sunny days. Sometimes when I was tired and depressed I used to take one hour nap under old banyan tree.

NO is the word which I used to hear from external world but inside me there is only YES. Sometimes when calling to my dad I used to say "Good Morning Sir I am Anurag calling from (My company name) then my dad reacted . Anu are you got mad ? So the journey continues with same thrust and joy of unsatisfied satisfaction. Sales targets where my nightmare and my friends used to record my sales pitch which I used to give while sleeping in night and then in morning they used to ask me in very jolly mood – Bhai Bika Kya ?

My Diary was my only girlfriend which also used to sleep with me and my bike was only friend who move with me every time . Potential customer references were biggest gifts for me

There I realizes that kotlerian thinking is not enough in today’s marketing world and slowly and gradually sales has dominated marketing efforts .Morning hurdle realizes me the concept of Self- Audit which previously I was unaware of to avoid both underestimation and overestimation of oneself and then I thought that starting career as a salesman is the best choice which young generation should choose

Here I love to share 4 best advantage of being salesman which I found in my salesmanship career-

1. Being Salesman you acquire Freedom which means you can pitch your product or service to anyone, anytime which others cannot.

2. You develops an attitude of Seeing Possibilities in impossible situations.

3. There is no such thing as B2B (Business to Business) B2C (Business to Customer) this all are heavy jargons which limits you . There is only one model which is P2P (Person to Person) to build relation with your customer.and finally

4. Money can buy a pretty dog but not the wag of its tail so salesmanship is not a glue business where u make other people fool, rather it is a profession of helping other in identifying and satisfying there need through our product or services.