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Know The Best Startup & Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money This Year!

Top money making ideas for startups.

Know The Best Startup & Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money This Year!

Friday February 21, 2020,

7 min Read

The startup idea is a meaningful concept which brings you many benefits viz. flexible work options, an extra income stream, full control over time and healthy work-life balance. It seems alluring venturing into the modern marketplace. But starting your own company is not an easy job. 

It not only requires a good investment but needs some unique ideas or that particular idea which can bring your small business a huge success in the long run. And, your business idea must be aiming at a specific goal completion. So, it must contain the information targeting your goal as because knowledge is power along with money.  

Today, we are already surrounded by a pool of business ideas. But these ideas make it difficult for startup business owners to choose worth pursuing one. So. I have prepared a list of top startup ideas that would surely help you make good money in 2020. 

Check out the list of some great business ideas to follow in 2020:

1) Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

To become a successful marketer and make huge money online, it is one of the best ideas. It works for your YouTube channel and slowly converts your YouTube views into a great revenue. However, the same process can be done with a website which is already generating great traffic. By joining some major affiliate networks like ShareASale or Clickbank, you can further convert your content mediums into a source of good income. 

2) Fitness coaching

It is one of the great startup business ideas today as more and more people have become health conscious. If you are thinking of starting it, then you must need to have in-depth knowledge about exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyle facts. If you have a strong business sense and combine it with your knowledge of health and well-being, you could have clients line up for guidance. Start with personal training and then maybe you will build your empire of physical conditioning.

3) Investing in buying websites

In this modern age, we all are interconnected through the internet. So, owning websites becomes really worthing just like purchasing stocks and properties in the real world. Today, businesses are continuously investing good money in purchasing websites. There are many factors that affect the value of an online website, such as the amount of traffic you receive, the domain name, the general popularity and the gains that the site obtains among other factors. Hence, this business idea can be really attractive to small business owners. However, it requires a deep understanding of the market. So, once you understand how it works, you could be sitting in a gold mine.

4) Online Journalism

online journalism

If you have a degree in a field of communication or journalism but do not want to work in a traditional newspaper or in a broadcast environment, you can look for online journalism. Create your portfolio with online companies like HuffPost and then work to create your own news media, be it a blog, a YouTube channel, a social media channel, etc. Then, you can add sales funnels by researching advertising revenue. It is nice making huge money this year.

5) Online Tutoring

As a startup, you can start a business as an online trainer institute if you are passionate about something and have a large knowledge base on the respective subject. There are many things you could be doing in this business viz setting up a YouTube channel with tutorials, creating online courses, setting up a blog to help people understand concepts. Hence, online coaching can be a lucrative way to earn money. However, you need to make sure not to sell too much online or to a client, since your startup success depends on many different things that may not be totally under your control.

6) Real estate valuation

Valuation of real estate is an excellent startup idea because you can decide how much you want to work, where you want to work from and these parameters will decide how much you earn. You do not necessarily need a degree in this field, but you must verify if you need any type of certification in the country or state in which you wish to operate. Indeed, in addition to certification, you must also have a solid understanding of the market in order to make a living in this field.

7) Chatbot business

chatbot business

Today, Chatbots have become increasingly famous and their users have grown exponentially in the market. This is all because of the social networks that provide the opportunity to connect with people in hyperspeed. In our modern society, there is no longer any need, no space to wait for answers and answers. This is one of the most important reasons that has driven the use of AI-based chatbots. 

Many companies are now using chatbots to automate systems, especially when it comes to customer service. Due to the growing demand for chatbots, many companies have created their digital products.

8) Business consulting

If you find it always that your maximum of your friends and family members come to you for any business advice then it is the right time to look into starting your own business consultancy. One thing to be taken care of in business consulting is that you might need credentials no matter how good you are. So, let's think it first, would you take business advice from a person who works out of your house or garage? I do not think so. 

Your credentials can add value to your knowledge and even if you do not have them now, you can always work to get them. Companies are always looking for people with a great sense of business, no matter what field it is public relations, marketing, strategies, human resources, etc. So if you already have the necessary certifications, maybe you should get on this car.

9) Blogging

Bloggers diversify their portfolio once they have been established and have a substantial audience base. This makes them the best income on the Internet. However, your blog can be, literally, about anything you want and there is likely to be an audience for that.

If you plan to start a blog, you must work constantly to perfect your writing skills and generate new and engaging content ideas. Listen to what the audience wants and offer them that, while maintaining your unique voice.

Once you learn to expand perfectly on the line, you can involve sponsors, use affiliate marketing and use social media channels to drive traffic to your website to monetize this process.

10) Podcasting

Have you ever wondered after meeting people asking you about spreading your knowledge or to teach others? So, it's the right time to pay great attention to them. In fact, you should listen to them. You can start your own podcast about the topics you are proficient in or has a strong knowledge base about. The better is your topic, the earlier you achieve success for your startup business. 

The only thing you need to ensure is that you are creating qualitative, consistent, relevant and valuable for your audience. Hence, it will give the opportunity to crack various sponsorship deals in order to make money in this way. 

Success Mantra:

The only success mantra for any new startup business is to start with a refreshing and strong idea. As there are a number of choices available to startups across different market segments, it is important for you to find your next best startup idea and convert it into the money-making case.