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Blockchain-Based Platform Creating a Splash in Every Industry

A Digital Radio and Podcasting Platform Which is Free and Always Will be!

Blockchain-Based Platform Creating a Splash in Every Industry

Friday July 26, 2019,

4 min Read

Are you a great listener of news, speeches or you like to share your thoughts, opinions? Have you ever heard the podcasts? Podcast…

Is it the new word for you? Don’t worry… Read here…

The podcast is the audio files that can be shared over the internet which is easy to download by the podcast lovers.

Blockchain-based platform… What’s it?

A startup from India came forward to the foundation of the blockchain-based radio platform. Blockchain is the latest technology that has made a good positive impact almost in every sector. Every business needs transparency in their business and Blockchain is the answer. So, the platform also is blockchain-based.

Free Podcasting Platform PodMiners

Platform… Which?

PodMiners is a blockchain-based digital radio for podcasting and broadcasting. With the integration of the features of the blockchain, the PodMiners is more secure and transparent and more user-friendly to provide a better experience than ever had. 

The vision of the founders is to provide a platform to create your radio station and share the thoughts, opinions, and anything. The platform aims to eliminate the existing issues of the radio industry such as transparency, discoverability, ad frauds, micro-payments, security, on-time payment and more. The platform has given the solution to these problems by consolidating the blockchain technology features. 

Podcasting is the latest marketing technique which is getting more and more exposure. With time and technology, almost everyone has shifted to smartphones. In today’s time, no one has much time to read lengthy articles as everyone is busy with their routine. Now, with the modern world, it’s easy to remain updated with the podcasts. The podcast has great compatibility with the routine work. At any time and anywhere, by using earphones and internet, podcasts can be accessed easily. Whether you’re in the office, gyming or doing gardening, shopping or jogging, the podcast, as the music, can be listened very simply.

Podcasts are the best method to remain updated in terms of news, technology and any industry. You can easily get the updates of your sector by just subscribing to the channel and you’ll be notified when a new episode is uploaded just as YouTube. The popularity of the podcast can be calculated by the number of podcasts available online. Further, the usage of the podcast has increased rapidly in the last decade. 

Features of the platform…

The PodMiners has integrated various advanced features. As the beta version is live, so presently the live features include uploading of pre-recorded audio. Further, the platform consists of live streaming where the host can go live with their audience. Next, the listeners even can call to the host due to the live calling feature. Moreover, there are several features in the queue. The switchboard is under development which will have the unique features which aren’t provided by any other platform. 

The platform also aims to integrate the advertisers model next year. Due to which it will be easy for the content creators and advertisers to earn money. From this platform, the involvement of the third party is eliminated for the transactions and even micro-payments will also be allowed. Moving on to the next, this platform has boosted the confidence of the content creators as well as the person listened to the podcast will only be able to review the content. The fakeness was the biggest issue which was hurting the online reputation of the content creators. So, the platform has eliminated that as well. Moreover, the listeners can be also be rewarded by the host if they share or promote their podcast. Delayed the payment system is also eliminated due to which the content creators are benefited by getting the timely payments. 

So, let’s catch up with the beta version and wait for the new enhanced features.