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Women Menstruate, Get over it !

A Trial at breaking the Taboo

Women Menstruate, Get over it !

Friday December 02, 2016,

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“Demonetisation, Gold investments, corruption, National Anthem in the theatres and what was US thinking while voting for trump?!”

Social media is always abuzz with opinions and decisions expressed from all corners of the world. Millions of people are actively tweeting their stands and trolling the world with multiple perspectives, and someone getting actively involved in discussions about any of the above mentioned topics sounds like he is definitely updated and in trend with fads and current affairs.

All of us believe we are enlightened because of the treasure chest of information we call “The Web”, we need to rethink. Our fundamental knowledge about each other’s most essential and intimate issues is arguably questionable.

We, the so called “Enlightened Lot”, are the first ones to skip ads or change channel when a sanitary napkin commercial is displayed on any media. Women are forever immersed in taboos, myths and misconceptions. 

Who is to blame? Moral policing, draconian traditions or just the mindset?
The picture shows graffiti sprayed on the wall of a nursing home, located near Poes Garden, Chennai.

The picture shows graffiti sprayed on the wall of a nursing home, located near Poes Garden, Chennai.

Even now we hear of women being forced to live in cowsheds during menstruation, women can't enter holy places, they are not even supposed to touch pickle. Absolutely outrageous! Girls at school are made to believe in these practices by their mothers. Ironically, even educated women share these fears surrounding menstruation and not much has been done to do away with these taboos and practices.

Men like most women are not very comfortable talking about menstruation and their limited knowledge on this topic only emphasises the fact. This approach has led us to the existing pathetic state.

I think, it's our duty to be knowledgeable about menstruation and the facts surrounding it. Youngsters should use social media as a powerful tool to fight myths and spread knowledge about menstruation. Change needs to start at the beginning, menstrual hygiene and facts should be taught to children at school. I think the process needs to begin with a change in our approach not just towards menstruation but towards women being a free and open part of society as well.

For everyone who begs to differ and believes that everything that a woman does or feels needs to be hidden, I would say:

"Women Menstruate, Get over it"

Article by Sudhakaran / Photo Courtesy: Mohamed Karan