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Start building followers to reap benefits from Amazon Influencer program

Are you having huge followers on social media

Start building followers to reap benefits from Amazon Influencer program

Friday April 07, 2017,

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Amazon, the e-commerce giant who has known for its innovations is taking next footstep to increase their sales in this competitive segment by sharing its profit to the influencer.

Amazon’s worldwide operation makes it easy for bloggers to choose amazon affiliate program than the regionalised e-commerce websites like Flipkart. A blogger from any category could make use of amazon to drive decent money every month. Few bloggers are making living out of amazon affiliate program.

Bloggers who get traffic across the globe cannot stick to regional e-commerce sites because of its operation limitations whereas in Amazon if a reader from India clicks the affiliate link it will take him to Amazon.in and when a viewer from the UK clicks the affiliate link amazon will take him to amazon.uk so bloggers won’t miss any chance to convert the link.

Its global presence is not only in favor of bloggers but also for them. Amazon realized affiliate links spread over the internet is one of the important factors behind their tremendous growth in any region.

Anybody can become an affiliate marketer by creating an affiliate account on amazon it’s not limited to bloggers only. You can share the affiliate links on social media or through WhatsApp or through any means.

If anyone purchases a product from amazon through your affiliate link you will be paid certain commission which depends on the category of the product purchased.

Realizing their growth in affiliate marketing now amazon extending the program to social media influencers. It can be anything YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or twitter.

Amazon Influencer program is in beta version and is not open to public its invitation only.


To proceed you have to complete the application on amazon. After a successful review of your application, you will be given a vanity amazon URL to setup your store.

For example: If you are having huge followers for your Facebook page “Kitchen masters” you can set up a store on amazon to sell kitchen utensils www.amazon.in/storename.

Vanity URL will help your fans to remember it easily to search on Amazon and you can paste the link on your social media page or wherever you make posts on social media.

Amazon didn’t reveal the number of followers to be eligible for the program but they mentioned influencers with huge follower base will be eligible.

Mere numbers are not sufficient but audience engagements on posts and frequency of the posts will also be considered for application approval.

Whenever you make a sale in your store amazon will pay you a commission which could be redeemed later.

Amazon influencer program is applicable only for influencers who do post shoppable items on social media and not for common netizens and existing affiliate associates.

Start now select the specified niche and build followers to make money from the early stage Amazon influencer program.