Indore Based start-Up P & P Infotech

Indore Based start-Up P & P Infotech all set to enter into its 4th year of Operations in Web Development 

Indore Based start-Up P & P Infotech

Tuesday November 29, 2016,

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It was in the year 2012, two friends decided to meet each other on a coffee date; and so they did meet, gabbed about their lives, careers and some usual gear, but who would have thought that this meeting would be the most momentous rendezvous of their lives, would be a metamorphic event for them, for this was the time when “P and P Infotech” was born, yes, over a coffee table.

Puneet Wadhwani’ and ‘Priyanka Chhabriya’ are two IT enthusiasts who had forecasted a humongous revolution approaching in the IT industry way before it knocked our doorsteps and thus voted to venture into the industry, and as a result P & P Infotech came into existence.

P & P Infotech laid its first footstep into the addictive world of IT by providing basic website development services. Soon enough they expanded their reach and started providing solutions for graphic designs and today the list of their services is 10 items long, which includes Bulk SMS services, CMS, e-commerce, SEO, IVR and toll free, mobile app development, web hosting and web testing.

As their services grew in number, so did their team. The team of 2 gradually turned into a team of 25 and then doubled itself to reach up to 50 computer geeks working under one roof. Within these 3 years,      P & P Infotech, that started its services in Indore in a one room flat, has expanded itself so rapidly that the one room flat has transformed into a 3 storied glassy building.

Recently, it celebrated its 3rd birthday and entered into its fourth year of foundation. Mr. Wadhwani, director of the clique, says, “These 3 years have gone by really, really fast. We have attained so much and we do not intend to stop. Of course, I would not have done this without my team. So cheers to them and our clients who have made us what we are today, bigger cheers to them!”

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