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Let's Win The Race

Thursday December 08, 2016,

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Theturtle.in is a venture started by a team of innovative marketing experts. The Team consist of people with rich experience from varied domains .

The idea behind "theturtle.in " was to create a robust business counselling company which could help young enterprenuers to establish and expand business.

The Tag Line "Let's win the race" is not just a tag line , its a vision to taste flavors of success together. We @ theturtle.in give our best to understand business and help out with all troubles and hurdles in the path. 

Weather it be a new startup or it be a running business , Theturtle.in helps out in each and every situation. We with the help of industry experts and business analyst try our best to assure success. 

 The key factors which we keep in our mind for a business are " Adaptability , Continuity and Longevity. 

We @ turtle expertise in expansion through franchising as well as helping out in franchise operations. For running and existing business we do provide Ventures . Young ideas do need funding to proceed , We @ theturtle.in provide initial funding to these startups as well as we help them with forethought , counselling etc.

Our in house experts are always ready to help you in finding best and reliable E-solutions.

"Theturtle.in: is my brainchild , the concept was not to provide only business counselling , but to create a platform where we could help out business setups practically ie to give them onground support. I have seen some start-ups and business in last few years showing a E.C.G trend, while a business should have always a continuous and growth trend. The values which a turtle carries ie continuity , commitment, adaptability, saving by own shell and living long life are always been inspiring and learning for me. From childhood the common story which everyone has heard was of " Rabbit and Turtle". The time today is to reconcile the learning , and apply it in our business" UMRAV SINGH

With my love able punchline " LET's WIN THE RACE " , I wish all entrepreneurs all the success ahead....