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This year will be the year of captivating automation- Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

This year will be the year of captivating automation- Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Tuesday June 12, 2018,

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Introduction- Artificial intelligence and machine learning both are now important business tools. Apart from other things, these tools are used by people to decide how to be matched on dating sites, which medical treatment is available for the patient, which audiences should be targeted with various promotional offers and for tax audits, which individual should be selected.

These technologies also provide the basis for various self-learning applications such as digital personal assistance, automatic robots and so on. For managers and business people, these technologies have shifted their focus towards practical application, how to work with technical experts in order to maximize the benefits from both the technologies.

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What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting field of robotics which focuses on developing intelligent machines that would work and react like humans. Today, it has become one of the most important parts of the technological industry. In fact, AI would be a recreation of human beings. In other words, it would be a man-made machine with the thoughts and abilities of human beings. 

Some of the components with artificial intelligence for which computers are designed for-

• Speed recognition

• Learning

• Planning

• Problem Solving

• Knowledge

• Reasoning

• Perception

• Ability to move objects.

Machine learning is one of the applications of artificial intelligence which provides the ability to the system to learn automatically and also to improve experiences without being programmed properly. The primary aim of it is the development of computer program that would be able to access data easily and use it for learning purpose for them.

The process of learning starts with data in order to look for patterns in data and to take better decisions in the future. The focus is on the computers which allow them to learn automatically with any intervention of humans or any guidance and will act accordingly.

Some machine learning methods or algorithms-

• Supervised machine learning algorithms can be applied to the new data in order to predict future events on the basis of what has been learned in the past. The learning algorithm produces inferred functions which are used to predict about the output values with the known training database as a basis. After sufficient training, the system gives targets for every new input. Also, it also helps to compare its output with the intended output.

• Unsupervised machine learning method can be used when the information which is used for training is neither classified nor labeled. The system doesn’t provide an exact output, but at the same time it explores the data and provides inferences to describe hidden structure from unclassified data.

• Semi-supervised machine learning method lies between supervised and unsupervised. Typically, this method usesa small amount of labeled and a large amount of unlabeled data. With the use of this method, the system is able to improve learning accuracy.

• Reinforcement machine learning method interacts with the environment with its actions and simultaneously discovers errors or rewards. The characteristics of such learning method are trial and error search, delayed rewards and many more.

Programming with AI

 With AI, a computer program can answer the generic questions.

 AI puts together different pieces of information for modification. That means you can modify programs without affecting the structure.

 Quite fast modification and easy as well.

Programming without AI

 Without AI, a computer program can answer the specific questions.

 Modification in the program will ultimately change the structure.

 The modification is not so easy and quite slow. It might affect the program as well.

Some Applications of AI-

• Gaming- In various games such as chess, poker, etc, AI has played its significant role where the machine can be used largely for various positions based on heuristic knowledge.

• Expert Systems- For reasoning and advice of experts, there are many applications that integrate machine, Software, hardware and special information. Like an expert, they provide users with great explanation and useful advice.

• Vision Systems- There are various systems which understand and interpret visual input on computers. For example-

 Doctors use clinic system to diagnose the patient.

 Police use computer software to recognize criminal’s face.

 A spying airplane provides pictures to discover information.

• Speech Recognition – These systems are able to hear and comprehend the language in terms of their meaning when a human interact with it. These are capable enough to handle various accents, words, noise, etc.


We can conclude that if the machine could pretend to be human and a knowledgeable observer too, then we can consider it intelligent. Today, AI systems are used in our routines and various fields such as economics, medicines, engineering and what not!

On the other hand, Machine learning is an umbrella term which is used for various technologies and methods to automate learning from new information. Many implementations of artificial intelligence are imagination, so they are heavily lying on machine learning to learn patterns from large data.

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