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Timesheet software are used widely to calculate the overall working hours of an individual worker of a company.


Friday May 12, 2017,

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Nowadays these Timesheets are mostly web based software. These applications work through as web pages and hence you can easily access and use these applications by having just an internet connection and without having to download anything. Data can be stored in the cloud & all parameters can be automatically calculated by the click of a mouse.

These applications also provide a graphical representation of the data entered, as well as that of calculated data, or in other words, a graphical representation of the total time invested in a particular job can be viewed through this software. This would benefit greatly in comparing the performance of workers of an industry which would influence better performance from the worker. Hence, these software applications are very powerful in maintaining the consistency of employees. These timesheets can be configured to be monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily timesheets.


A few companies and individuals use MS Excel to manage their timesheet, but this would be very basic and suitable for very small groups. Instead, in the advanced timesheet software like http://OfficeTimer.com the timesheet can be configured to suit each company’s requirements. Also, many reports can be created to view different dimensions of the time like Projects’ time, Tasks’ time, Employees’ time. These options help the business owner analyze and plan their office activities to be more productive and profitable. Not to forget that the historical data can be pulled up anytime and filtered by any parameters and compared with current data to measure any Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).