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Contribute your Business with Custom Mobile Application Services

Contribute your Business with Custom Mobile Application Services

Tuesday March 14, 2017,

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Who is not impressed by the breath-taking world of mobile application development? It is irrespective of the business utility application running on tablet or popular mobile game operating on the smart phones, users are turning more and more talented to run those application in a better and smarter way.

A software application that has been recognized by the world which has manifested the fact that apps are the key entry to accelerate the demand of the smartphones. So, it would be quite fascinating to delineate the concept of evolution to revolution of mobile application development.

Evolution of mobile application development

If you somehow interested in the history of mobile development, they might have figured out Java Games, monthly calendar and blunt calculator categorised under the smartphones. Although, it was IBM that accessed the smartphone for general use in the year 1993. Next the biggest achievement was the Blackberry smartphone in the field of mobile application development.

Although it might be a matter of amusement that in the early days, you could make a call of just 30 minutes. The reason may be terrible battery life and users were required to charge more than 8 hours a day. These realities are now presented in a comical way. The history travelled from Psion Epoc, Palm OS, and Symbian which has further invaded the concept of mobile application development. Later custom mobile application development expanded further from entertainment to business development.

Assistance of Custom mobile application development in your business

The way custom mobile app is gaining momentum which resulted in saving more than 8 hours per employee per week which has helped more than 90 percent of the business owners to believe that it has considerably generated additional business revenue for the company. May be it can be partially or fully customised in order to suit the business needs.

These features of customisation has other utilisations with the following benefits:

Improvement of Efficiency

Since it prioritises customisation according to the business requirements which acts like across the board app in performance of diversified functions which helps in the negation of requirements of multiple apps. Since it increases the ROI by increasing the employee’s productivity which may be the outcome of custom-made according to the business requirement.

Offering high scalability

Although the regular apps are capable to manage limited number of resources as well as processes. In case of apps targeted towards business may not be able to manage the load of so much of data. Hence custom mobile application is made keeping in mind all the attributes that can easily be scaled according to the requirement of the business.

Improvisation of customer relationship

Customer relationship is the ultimate requirement from the client’s perspective. Since it allows to maintain the personalisation by sending the updates to existed clients in the real-time. It enables to access client details as well as to receive feedback, which can be utilised to leverage long-term relationship.

Convenience on Project Management

Its feature of customisation, which can be employed to install real-time track on the project progress as well as deadlines. By sending updates in the real time after the completion of each stage and can effectively maintain the billing cycle for each of the particular stage.

Easy maintenance

By using the regular apps, you are just risking your confidential data at helm of an unknown mobile app developer. Hence by building custom app, all the confidential information are held under the business control where it does not require to look for anyone for anything.

Facilitation of Custom App development via popular tools and technologies

Developing mobile app is not an easy task and the matter is further complicated when some special features are incorporated. Hence there are few popular tools and technologies which are quite essential to build the custom-made mobile application development.


• JavaScript

• PhoneGap

• SilverLight


• Sencha

Points to be regarded while building a Custom Mobile app

With market scenario and dynamically changing of the mobile platform further necessitates the existence of mobile application development.

• Improved efficiency-

In order to get the desired effectiveness, custom business app should be cost effective which also results in the distinctive result.

• Data security-

Since the app is created for more than a single user, so the spirit of authentication must be maintained in order to secure the data.

• Battery life-

As far as battery life is concerned, it must be rigorously tested for the impact on the battery life. This is something quite ascertain to the fact that an apps which drain out the battery will not be preferred by the users.

• Focus on UI/UX

In order to have a greater user experience, the custom app must be focused on attractive user interface.

• Effective data synchronisation

By suitable frequency, the app must be capable to synchronise data with the server at a regular interval of time.

Current trend of cloud mobile application development

With the increase in the consumerisation of information technology the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has further extended its tentacles of Bring Your own app (BYOA). Although as far as current trend is concerned, then concept of cloudification has received the enormous popularity over the mobility strategy. Apart from that, there are few more trends that are going to change the perspective of tradition custom mobile application:

Responsive data:

This is considered to have apprehended at large by the app users. So this trend is soon going to be invaded in the market.

Wearable Technology:

Since the wearable technology has extended its tentacles from increased awareness for health and fitness to other domains as well.

Internet of Things

By using the mobile app it has enabled to keep the control of different devices for instances home appliances by using the technology of mobile application.

Near Field Communication

This concept has been invaded in order to make payments by using mobile application.

Are you looking for a custom mobile app development that customize for your business?

There are various things besides productivity apps which follows e-mail, messenger clients etc. There are various things which are quite essential for mobile apps such as dashboards, expense tracker etc. in order to perform differentiated functions. Hence it looks for back-end integration along with the consideration of data security. But there are few organisations that stand out the expectations of the client.

Fluper is the top mobile application development companies which understand the importance of custom mobile application development and have been providing the app all across the globe in all the popular platforms like iOS and Android keeping the mind the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

So, if you are looking for custom mobile application development for your company, then get in touch with Fluper for the most innovative app according to your business requirement.