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10 things that happen when you finally decide to live your dreams

This article talks about ten things that happen when you decide to live your dreams. If you have a dream and you are not sure how to go about it, this article will surely of great help.

10 things that happen when you finally decide to live your dreams

Friday November 03, 2017,

6 min Read


There comes a time in your life, when you know that you have to take that leap - to realize your long-pending dream. A dream that you saw when you were a kid is not fulfilled yet. But now your eyes are all set on it.

No more complaints. No more whining. Only action. You are all set to go - just like a lion who has been caged all his life - now freed to chase his dream!

Once you’ve prepared yourself to walk on that less traveled road, there’s a new found strength and courage inside you. You are no longer attracted to the lie you’ve been living. Rather, you want to go all out and live on the edge of the cliff.

There are many familiar feelings we all experience when we choose to take that path. Here’s what you will feel after that decision.

1. Nothing scares you anymore

Once you have decided to go all into it, there’s no stopping you. You are now FEARLESS. You are willing to take risks, which you wouldn’t have taken otherwise. You are more willing to step out of your comfort zone. It is because now you realize everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of the fear.

2. Every problem seems to be an opportunity

The one thing which is sure to happen with you is - the paradigm shift. You start to see things differently. Everything that was a problem earlier is now an opportunity to be ceased. This paradigm shift acts as a catalyst for you to take action towards your dream.

3. Growth becomes your obsession

When you are on this journey, you become obsessed with growth. You want to spend every minute of your day honing your craft, learning new skills that take you a step closer towards your dream. You learn the importance of taking action and you start taking a lot of it. In fact, it comes to a point, when growth becomes your obsession and progress an addiction.

4. Right people will meet you at the right time

Ever since you decided to live your dreams, everything starts to favor you. Call it a beginner’s luck or whatever. You tend to meet the right people just when you need them the most. May be Buddha said it right, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. You can see it as an indication from the forces to keep going, everything else will fall into place when it is meant to be.

5. Bouts of self-doubt

It’s completely normal to doubt your self-worth. You do it. I do it. In fact, the whole darn world does it. It’s OKAY. Afterall, not every day is a bright sunny day. Sometimes, it gets cloudy as well. Just make sure, it doesn’t come in the way of your pursuit of your dream. You will experience them often, so find a way to get over it.

6. Uncommon becomes the new common

The day you took this unconventional step, you discovered the beauty that lies in uncommon things in the most uncommon ways. It makes you see things and people in a different light altogether. Everything that was common earlier, now seems to be oddly beautiful. This reflects in the choices you make in the future as well. It gives you a fresh perspective on things. You realize uncommon is the new common.

7. You become more accountable and responsible

When you start to take charge of things you become more responsible. You are aware how every little thing or event can make a big impact on your life. You manage things in a better way. You start finding different ways that help you manage your work, business and life efficiently. For example, if you wish to build a business, you start looking for various management tools to handle your projects better. This not only makes you save some time but also helps you to become more responsible.

8. When Priorities are reconsidered

Ever since you decided to chase your dreams selfishly, you are reconsidering your priorities, consciously or subconsciously. You understand how important it is to sit back and reevaluate your top-most priorities. Always remember, every new phase demands a different version of you. Be courageous enough to add or subtract things in your priority-list time to time.

9. No more judging others

The great gift of being human beings is that we have the power of empathy. You start relating to the above words of Meryl Streep. You don’t judge people anymore for their choices because you know that they might have a reason that would justify them. You tend to put yourself in their shoes to understand their prerogative because you’ve been there and done that. You become wise enough to understand the fact that life is different to different people.

10. You stop explaining you dream to every person on the planet

I’m sure you were not expecting this. But, it’s true. Since now, you live your dream every freaking day. You know how important it is to sacredly protect it. Not every person will understand your vision, it may not match their sensibilities. Some may find it odd, some unrealistic and some even ridicule it. And, frankly, they don’t have to. It’s your dream. Your journey. You are the one who needs to get it right. That’s it. However, with the course of life, like-minded people will enter your life and will support you to reach your highest level.

I know all these things will be little new for you at the beginning. It’s okay. That’s how life is; throwing new challenges at you every day. But, this time you took a chance, my friend, for your own good! Stand by your choice of chasing your dreams - unapologetically. Find belief in yourself and then go for it. Someone has said it right,“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.”

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