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5 Salesforce Community Events in 2020

5 Salesforce Community Events in 2020

Friday November 01, 2019,

3 min Read

5 Salesforce Community Events in 2020

Being associated with Salesforce, we love attending Salesforce-centric events as they are a fantastic way to learn more about the world’s number one CRM product. They help us to build our network and discover multiple opportunities to increase our proficiency in technology. These events are hosted to bring together many leading Salesforce professionals and companies under one roof. Various members belonging to the Salesforce community, like Salesforce User Group Leaders, MVPs, and other Trailblazers, collectively organize these events that are an entire day long. 

Read on to find out about the upcoming Salesforce community-led events of 2020: 

Southeast Dreamin  (March 26 - 27, 2020)

Southeast Dreamin' was established by Salesforce users who provide learning and networking opportunities, as well as, facilitate collaborations.

It is a one and a half-day occasion that highlights a Keynote speaker, more than 20 networks drove breakout sessions and Hands-on Training (HOT) sessions. You will likewise approach a Sponsor Expo and live Demo Jam to find out about AppExchange choices that can grow your utilization of Salesforce.

Kristi Campbell and their team are the organizers of the event.

Location: Atlanta, GA 

Forcelandia (July 15 - 16, 2020)

A wonderful blend of APIs and IPAs, Forcelandia gets you incredible points on the Salesforce stage's automatic side. Forcelandia will again highlight learning tracks and a line-up of fascinating speakers at this close tech occasion you won't have any desire to miss. 

Regardless of whether you work with snaps or with code, the sessions offered during Forcelandia will leave you with a hunger for additional! On the off chance that you are a prepared engineer or a progressed administrator hoping to find out additional, if you don't mind join our mailing list at the base of this page to remain up to date!

Location:  Portland, OR

Texas Dreamin’ (July 16-17, 2020)

Texas Dreamin is a Texas-sized Ohana Community-drove gathering that gives learning and motivation while commending any individual who uses Salesforce! 

This occasion is driven by a gathering of Salesforce Community pioneers from crosswise over Texas who are excited about fortifying our locale by arranging and executing various occasion in Texas. We plan to enable clients, administrators, designers, and accomplices by making a lively domain for solid associations, learning center aptitudes, and building incredible vocations.

Location: Austin, TX 

Midwest Dreamin’ (July 22-24, 2020)

Midwest Dreamin' is a network-driven, the network ran occasion. Composed by the accompanying provincial User Group pioneers who had a fantasy to bring a 'Super User Group' with marquee quality speakers to the Midwest for learning and systems administration. The keynote speakers will be Kris Lande, Zayne Turner, Kristen Englehardt, Peter Coffee, and Sean Alpert.

Some of the key organizers of the event are Eric Dreshfield, Denise Carbone, Andy Ognenoff.

Location: Minneapolis, MN 

Northeast Dreamin’ (Sept 14–15, 2020)

Northeast Dreamin' resembles Dreamforce or the World Tour, however, driven by your nearby New England Salesforce client bunch pioneers and individual Salesforce clients. It's two-days of swapping best works on, adapting new highlights, tuning in to persuasive speakers and systems administration with other Salesforce clients in the region simply like you. It's one time a year where we can meet up as the more noteworthy Northeast and hear what each other brings to the table, and how we can each enable each other to live and develop with the Salesforce biological system. The keynote speakers will be Phil Komarny, Peter Coffee and Erica Kuhl.

Location: Providence, RI

Now that you know about all the upcoming Salesforce Community-led events taking place next year, register yourselves beforehand and get ready for Salesforce awesomeness!