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How To Score More Spotify Plays?

How To Score More Spotify Plays?

Sunday February 16, 2020,

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There is no doubt on almost every artist questioned himself how to score more Spotify plays?If you have spent some time in the music industry, then you would have realized that getting to the top isn’t an easy job. In fact, you have to sweat a lot in order to gain that stardom. New artists keep on emerging, and you always face a tough fight from their side.

While you face a lot of competition, sometimes you are unable to score a greater number of plays on platforms like Spotify. And while we are talking about these platforms, it’s all about scoring more number plays.Why so? Well as it turns out, whenever a new user would come to your profile, then he or she would decide to get familiar with your music or not much likely depending on the basis of the number of plays and related metrics you have got on your account.

It’s not rocket science, but as it turns out music lovers head towards the profile, which is famous amongst the people. And that’s the reason why, for getting to the top, it will be very important for you to find an expert to help you with Spotify promotion campaigns to score more plays, amidst all the tough conditions. For reasons like this, you can visit playswiz.com and get some personal assistance or just buy Spotify plays to improve the results of your music.

For that, let’s discuss some ways of doing so.

1) For scoring a lot of Spotify plays, it will be important that you upload songs for free, when you are starting off. Look, it’s known that there are millions of paid subscribers and that they love listening to music at the first place. But then again, when you are starting, it’s quite essential that you keep the earnings aside and focus on creating your base. And you’d be doing so by uploading tracks for free.

When viewers would get to know that you are uploading high quality work, of their favourite genre, and that too for free, then you will soon find a lot of traffic over your Spotify profile. And that’s how there will be an exponential growth in the number of plays you have.

2) Then moving ahead, for scoring more Spotify plays it will be important to connect with your followers. All your fans and followers have social media accounts, and without any delays, even you should move over to them. By joining social media, you will not only connect with your fans, but also create a business profile for your work.

If you have a small rock band or if you are a part of a small group of artists, then you can use your stage name as your user name. You would have seen other bands doing the same such as Linkin Park, etc., and therefore you can do it like them.

You should also go with a logo, or a photo of yours, which suits your profile. And then, you can set the social ball of success rolling!

You also get options of linking your phone number and email id with your social media accounts. On platforms such as Instagram, all of it becomes public, and therefore your fans can contact you!When they will feel their reach, then it’s quite certain that they will head over to your Spotify profile and listen to your uploaded tracks.

3) You will also have to take care of the fact that you are regular with uploading tracks. If that process becomes irregular, then it’s quite possible that your fans may stop viewing your content. And it will also be very important to fulfill all the promises. If you have set a date for uploading an album, then it should not change in any case! That’s something which will kill the excitement of your fans.

So, as you see once you become responsible, you will have to take care of all these things.

But in return your fans will love your dedication, and they will shower their love and support you on Spotify as well as on all the other platforms in the form of plays, likes, etc. which will benefit you in the long run.


These are some of the ways in which you can score more Spotify plays. The only thing which you should not forget is that you will have to push your limit for your fans, and for getting their support, you must do it!