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How to make a sponsorship proposal?

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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You might be having a business or event or show which might need sponsorship and even after approaching many people, you aren’t getting successful at getting a good sponsorship. The reasons for this can be varied, the most basic and common one is that your sponsorship proposal is not appealing enough or you have not done enough due diligence while preparing it. This document is very important for getting you a sponsorship and before you can ask how to make a sponsorship proposal, given below are some points which you should keep in mind before getting down to it.

Focus on their benefit and your need

A sponsorship proposal should clearly define your goals, target audience, benefits and then align them with the benefits which the other party could have be directly associating with you. You should focus more on the benefits which they can have rather than what you are looking out for, since human beings, by nature, are built to look for their benefits first. Do not make false and airy promises, use fluff words and try to make them read a lot as they do not have that much time. The proposal should clearly outline your requirement and how that could benefit the other party.

Research and select the right businesses

A  Sponsorship Proposal should be targeted in order to give you the best results. This means that if you are hosting a fashion show, you cannot reach out to petroleum industries as they would not have much benefit by sponsoring your event and neither would be interested in it. You can reach out to fashion houses, cosmetic brands, upcoming startups in the space and other similar avenues to get your sponsorship as they will be interested and more willing to participate. So, it is important that you research the right industry or the businesses to which you would want to pitch and then tailor the proposal as per that.

Find connections and references

It is always easier to get to people whom you trust and the same is the case with sponsorship proposals. Nobody would want to give you money as you are a stranger. But if you can find a reference or a contact in the company or in the hierarchy who could connect you with the right person, that could help you build trust with the company and start on the right footing. The contact’s degree of influence in the company and on the person in-charge also matters a lot and if you can find a high placed source, you can definitely make them hear your proposal at least, which is generally not heeded otherwise.

Be concise and to the point

Long sponsorship proposals look confusing and are boring to read. So do not try to put in everything in the proposal as it would not be read totally and would come out as inexperienced and time wasting. Instead, you can weave your proposal in a few words and use visuals to display the figures and make it attractive overall. This will ensure that you get your say in the meeting and that your proposal is heeded.