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Improve cross cultural communication skills - CBitss

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Improve cross cultural communication skills - CBitss

Friday March 22, 2019,

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Improve cross cultural communication skills

One of the most vital things to consider when doing business globally is acing the art of cross-cultural communication.  It is important for you to be equipped with a thorough knowledge of the business, cultural, and social customs of the people (and country) with whom you are meeting.

In diplomatic circles, there is a word protocol associated with cross-cultural communication. But the protocol, as it relates to the business, helps you to make your style effective in all cultures, ensures that you treat your colleagues and potential clients with respect and dignity.

Improve your cross cultural communication skills

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tips to improve cross cultural communication skills:

Slow Down : Even when English is the common language in a cross cultural situation, this does not mean you ought to talk at normal speed. Slow down, talk clearly and ensure your pronunciation is intelligible.

Separate Questions :  Try not to ask double questions for example, “Would you like to continue or will we stop here?” In a cross cultural situation only the first or second question may have been grateful. Give your audience a chance to respond to one question at a time.

Avoid Negative Questions :  Many cross cultural communication misunderstandings  have been brought about by the utilization of negative questions and answers. In English we answer ‘yes’ if the answer is positive and ‘no’ if it is negative. In different cultures a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ may just show whether the questioner is right or wrong.

Take Turns : Cross cultural communication is upgraded through alternating to talk, making a point and then listening to the response.

Write it Down :  If you are unsure whether something is understood then write it down and check it out. This can be useful when using large data.

Be Supportive  : Effective cross cultural communication skills is in basically about being comfortable. Giving encouraging people who are not good at English, gives them confidence, support and a trust in you.

Check Meanings  : When communicating across cultures never expect the other party has understood. Be an attentive listener. Summarize what has been said in order to confirm it. This is a successful method for make secure accurate cross cultural communication has taken place.

Avoid Slang : Even the most educated foreigners will not have complete knowledge of slang, idioms and things. The danger is that the words will be understood but the meaning is lost.

Watch the In many cultures business is paid attention to very. Professionalism and protocol are constantly observed. Numerous cultures will not appreciate the utilization of humor and jokes in the business context. When utilizing humor think  whether it will be comprehended in the other culture.

Maintain Etiquette :  Numerous cultures have certain etiquette when communicating. It is dependably a smart thought to attempt some diverse cultural awareness training or at least do some research on the target culture.

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