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Moment Marketing or the carpe diem strategy.

Moment marketing or the carpe diem strategy is fun, effective, and highly engaging. The idea is to effectively use the memory of consumers to make them connect with the product.

Moment Marketing or the carpe diem strategy.

Wednesday June 23, 2021,

4 min Read

With the advent of smartphones, every product realized that it’s time to improvise. It is possible to create a relevant connection between everything being sold in the market. However, companies have been avoiding it, till now. 

The year is 2021, the year of speed. The dust of the pandemic is still settling. Every brand is experimenting with ideas because the new normal is much different. People are still working from home. Consumers have started spending more and more time online. Can we call it the peak of the information age? Well, it might be. Shopping habits have changed. We have grown more compassionate. This is the time when people want to stand together, support each other in standing up again.

This is the new trend.

If your brand is reflecting what your consumers are feeling right now, your marketing campaign is successful. No company can deny the fact that living in the moment can give them better traction. Burger King recently asked its loyal followers to support McDonald’s. Everyone loved it. Did it drive Burger King’s target audience to McDonald’s? Absolutely not. The consumers felt even more connected with the brand. 

Moment Marketing or the carpe diem strategy is boosting sales, visibility, and engagement simultaneously. No ad spent required, no big hoardings or banners, just put a tweet and you’re already a winner. For example, Ronaldo just replaced bottles of coke from his table with a bottle of water. Coke lost almost 4 billion but many leveraged the trend to push their brand ahead. 

Burger King supporting McDonald's during covid outbreak.

Burger King supporting McDonald's during covid outbreak.

What is so unique about moment marketing that makes it a powerful strategy?

Internet penetration grew exponentially in past few years. Everyone got their hands on fast and efficient smartphones. This boosted the number of social media users. The digital population claims almost half of the world’s population. With so many people actively looking for content on their screens, moment marketing can prove to be a great tool for marketing campaigns. It actually helped brands in solving a problem they have been fighting in the past few years- a shorter memory span. If something happened yesterday and I am supposed to forget it today, moment marketing won’t let me. With everyone trying to leverage it, the magnitude is so strong that it actually elongates the user’s memory. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this simple, cost-effective strategy has found a way to control our brains. Thanks to its sibling, memes, the netizens are totally in awe of it.

Fevicol ad.

Fevicol's take on Ronaldo-Coca cola situation.

Not afraid to stand side-by-side anymore.

Companies are no more afraid to experiment with new ideas. With so much going around, you can totally change your brand story within 24 hours and people won’t mind. No more brands are afraid of directly targeting their competitors healthily. Consumers love it. They want to see rival brands get into feuds over social media. It generates plenty of content, what else does an average internet user want! Twitter spats might be real, manufactured, intentional, unintentional- nobody cares. People want to enjoy what they are being served. Above all, it’s all free. All it takes is a good copywriter and perfect timing. 

The league of memes, influencers and seize-the-moment.

No league can deny the existence of this league. They are running the show all over. They are not professionals, no shining MBA degree. Yet they are effectively deciding the fate of brands and campaigns. The reason being, they are young, full of energy. The old generation has a deep desire to catch up with them. The upcoming generation is following in their footsteps. They are moment marketing’s knights in shining armor. Pulling the rabbit out of the hat is not gonna work when your rivals are pulling out a new animal every time they put their hands in the hat. With the power of creativity and dedicated community, everything is possible.

Moment marketing is here to stay and will definitely evolve with time. Brands are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt in every domain. It is too early to identify this form of marketing as a threat to the traditional ways. Although, one thing is sure- you cannot afford to not put it in your marketing strategies.