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The Rise of a Salespreneur

Harnessing the deeper meaning of sales beyond just sales quotas.

The Rise of a Salespreneur

Tuesday September 29, 2020,

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Questions create incredible possibilities, and that’s what I experienced when I asked the following question.

What do Sales represent in its true spirit?

I kept asking this question primarily because of the negative connotation the word Sales brings to mind. Used car salesman, pushy, and sleazy person are many negative attributes that Sales is often associated.

Interestingly, I searched a lot and finally got the answer to this question in the morning Vipassana meditation. The word SALES represent the following.

S   -    Serve with

A   -   Authenticity

L   -    Love

E   -   Expertise and

S   -   Smile

Meaning of Sales

As I opened my eyes, after meditating, I smiled and thanked the universe for giving me such a profound answer.

Now, who can undertake such SALES?

Is it a Sales Owner or Do we need something beyond it?

As I reflected on the above question, I got an answer...It was Salespreneur*

A Salespreneur® believes that Sales is Social entrepreneurship because every sale is an opportunity to Bring in Joy, generate a Livelihood, create Value for Customers and build Wealth for the Economy.

Bringing in Joy

 What happens when a Sales owner receives and shares a Purchase order with his team and other stakeholders?

A sense of fulfillment and happiness and joy takes over. People smile and congratulate each other. In many organizations, I have seen celebrations after client wins. These celebrations create a festive environment.

Generating a Livelihood 

In 2012, something happened that changed my perspective on the importance of sales.

 I was sitting in a conference room with my team for a sales review when I asked them something unusual.

‘Do you recognize the importance and impact of your work?’

Of course, this question was surprising as people were expecting a traditional sales review.

I waited for an answer for a few seconds and then said in Hindi,

 ‘Aapke kaam ke karan ek sau assi logon ke gharon me roti banti hai!’

आपके काम के कारण एक सौ अस्सी लोगों के घरों में रोटी बनती है!

(Due to your work, bread is getting cooked in 180 households)

180 was the number of employees in the startup.

I’m not sure what prompted me to say these lines but even while they were leaving my mouth, I could feel a hair-raising experience. As my team members heard this, I could see a sense of pride and purpose transforming everyone’s faces.

Something shifted within me on that day, and that scene has remained with me since then. It reminds me of the impact of sales beyond traditional numbers, which brings in an extreme sense of responsibility and fulfillment.

Creating Value for Customer

A Salesprenuer is inspired by the mission to create value for his/her customers and make them shine.

A Salespreneur identifies value criteria upfront for his/her customers and works with the customer to track them regularly. And what does this bring in…Only one thing ‘Customer Delight.’

Driving Economic Growth

Economic growth is the sum of all profitable sales in a country.

If sales decrease, economic growth decreases, and recession follow.

Imagine a day when no sale happens in the world. What will happen to stock markets?

The notion that ‘Sales drive Economic growth at the collective (country, world )level ’ is profound, and harnesses required ownership.

To summarize , A Salepreneur harness true spirit of Sales and believes that sales is social entrepreneurship. This higher purpose-driven approach fuels fulfillment and resourceful mindset. Results then become inevitable.

We all are in sales because we all are selling either a product or a service or an idea.

Imagine a world where we all become Salesprenurs and harness the true spirit of SALES.