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The Best Study Apps You Can Use To Prepare For SNAP

The Best Study Apps You Can Use To Prepare For SNAP

Monday September 03, 2018,

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Technology has affected all parts of life, education included. There are multiple apps for your phones or laptop that make learning fun and engaging. Study apps are great for all students, whether you are a college student or a professional preparing for the upcoming MBA entrance exams. This article will provide you with a list of apps you can use to develop your vocabulary which will help you ace the English section of an entrance test. While most apps mentioned below are for free, some you will have to buy.

1. Vocabulary.com

This learning tool combines the dictionary with learning games that aim to help you master new words quickly. The creators of the tool claim to utilize smart algorithms to provide you with customized questions and answers. They also provide thousands of real-life examples that showcase how a particular word is utilized in the English language so that you can confidently use them yourself.

Available on both IOS and Android devices.

2. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

This is a quiz app that aims to improve the scores of aspirants appearing for exams like GRE, GMAT, or other MBA entrance exams. This app will guide you through multiple vocabulary lists. Each vocabulary list is categorised into basic words, intermediate words and advanced words. It’s a straightforward app that focuses on teaching users exam-level words.

Available on both IOS and Android devices.

3. 7 Little Words

This is a fun and challenging vocabulary game. This game provides players with everyday words in a new context and with smart clues. All a player needs to do is unscramble the letter tiles and find the 7 little words to succeed in the game.

Available on both IOS and Android devices.

All you have to do now is pick up your phone, download an app and start using it regularly. Your vocabulary will be stronger and bigger in no time. Now that the SNAP application form 2018 and other MBA entrance forms are starting to open, it’s important you start focusing on improving your vocabulary.

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