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Tips to Plan Perfect Software or App Release

Mobile application development company use automatic programs to respond to their clients, but you should keep them more human and personal. You can always buy the services or hire app developer to advise the launch of your software or app.

Tips to Plan Perfect Software or App Release

Thursday April 25, 2019,

6 min Read

Making a software or app launch is not as difficult as you think, but to be truly successful and get notoriety, you must do well and take care of every aspect. At the beginning, you may not get the expected results, but you can always keep improving and progressively attract more customers.

Adapt your brand to the digital plane

Before adopting your brand to a software or app, you must do a market study and ask yourself if your clients are really on the Internet. If your potential consumers are on the Internet, you must identify who they are, how they are, where they are and how they would like to purchase your product. Once you know this, you should ask yourself what your goals are: sell, improve your positioning, and make yourself known.

Increase your network of contacts?

Who controls your sales? If your software or app has control over sales, you have all the power to communicate and advertise. If on the contrary, your products are distributed by intermediaries, you should focus on highlighting the attributes of your product and creating a community (encourage users to be part of a tribe).

Define and plan your action plan

Your software or app must be fully programmed in each step. Define what you can develop on the Internet to achieve the objectives. Among the options you have to launch your software or app is:

·        Web page

·        Blog

·        Social networks

·        Mobile apps

Remember that every action you take must find a way to turn efforts into a profit. How are you going to charge? Who will take care of each action? How long will each activity take? What to do before, during and after your actions?

The image matters a lot for a software or app

One feature of the Internet is that everything is focused on the visual, either by images or videos. A software or app must create its graphic content in its image and likeness and on the Internet; the first impression is what counts. To learn about the sizes of images on the Internet, you can read: Shocking images for your software or app

Define how to serve your customers

Accept it! If your company is in the network, you must offer customer software development to be near them at any time, at any time. Mobile application development company use automatic programs to respond to their clients, but you should keep them more human and personal. Customers like the relational marketing style and companies give many benefits.

Make events and launch promotions

Believe it or not, the launch of a software or app is not limited to the Internet only. In fact, it is a combination of the online and offline world. The users are interconnected and live in "both worlds" at the same time.If you want to make your brand noticed, you must define:

· Where are you going to advertise: TV, radio, newspapers, flyers, SMS, email?

· Online advertising: you should invest some money at the beginning in Google AdWords, but a good network of contacts and word of mouth advertising is your best ally at the beginning.

· Events: announce your launch as an event. For this, you must generate expectations, show the good that is coming, why it is different and what consumers can earn.

· Information: remember to give clear information about the event (date, time, place, requirements for entry, hash tag, contact, etc.).

One of the most common actions that make a software or app for its launch is to register in markets, exhibitions, festivals or contests.You should also have a fully secure and certified online ticket purchase system (in case you charge for going to the launch).

Define each of the phases to measure success

As I said at the beginning, you should plan each step so it is not done. Every action you take must have a purpose and a deadline. Before carrying them out, you must define what tools you will use to measure the efficiency of each strategy.In this case, you can measure the SEO of your website and blog with Google Analytics and measure your impact on social networks with the tools that are available in our sections of the blog.

Tips to launch your software or app

One of the strategies that companies use best is to take advantage of a day related to their business idea to launch their website development company.

· Have adequate resources.

· Dedicate the necessary time for each strategy.

· Do not try to do more than you can control.

· Use the telephone and the mail enough to contact people.

· Seek help from friends or partners.

· Create a hashtag for the launch and the main hashtag of your software or app.

· Do In-Branding actions, that is, communication campaign in your startup so that each member of your team participates and knows what is being done?

· Create a landing page with a countdown. Remember that this page must have a field to register via email.

· Include your event in Google Calendar, on Google+ and Facebook.

· You must be present on the day of the launch of your software or app.

· Offers promotions, discounts and exclusive content of your software or app for the first buyers or users.

· Send press releases to the media related to your area.

· If your city has an event guide (online or physical), contact them to see what their prices or requirements are.

· Take pictures, record videos. Edit them and upload them to your social networks the day after the event to generate subsequent traffic.

· Before and during the launch, record material to show how you did it. What some call a Making of and upload it at least a week after the launch.

· Show your team in preparation for the event or using your product. This will give a face to your software or app.

· During the event, invokes that users participate in social networks in exchange for something. This will boost your brand on social networks.

· Transmitted via streaming on Twitter or YouTube.

· Thank your users for coming and ask (in a natural way) for their opinions about the event and your product.

You can always buy the services or hire app developer to advise the launch of your software or app. The results will be favorable depending on the agency but the investment will always be high. If you decide to take this path, make sure you have the budget to do it and that the agency has experience.