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Top 10 Project Management Software for Catapulting Productivity

Top 10 Project Management Software for Catapulting Productivity

Thursday February 14, 2019,

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In the last five years, businesses across the verticals globally have undergone tumultuous changes in terms of operational processes and innovation driven by technology.  Therefore, project management roadmap has also undergone a great deal of metamorphosis. From rudimentary software suite that would simply take note of project allocation and communication within the team, project management software has come a long way to include modules such as:

  • Project Planning & Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Change Management
  • Reporting
  • Timesheet Management
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Risk Management

The soaring demand for more business oriented and dynamic software propels the project management market to constantly innovate and deliver features to transform project management platforms into technology catapults for taking businesses to the next level.

Upcoming features of Project Management

Some of the new and upcoming features driving the new generation project management are:

  • Enterprise Integration- Coupled with Agile methodologies, the new age online project management software suite available in the market aims to collaborate with enterprise applications seamlessly to deliver flexible workflows and improved cross-functional coordination.
  • Risk Analytics- With projects becoming increasingly complex with many factors integrating and converging with each other, tools for delivering risk analytics is imperative. Therefore, the new age project management platforms come with a bundle of tools that work on a single interface to offer descriptive and advanced and regression statistical data.
  • Superior Reporting & Analytics- Project management is all about remaining on the top of every aspect of the game. Currently, all the project management applications and platforms come with unique reporting & analytics module that offer superior data aggregation, filtering and presentation and of course, capabilities for incorporating real-time data with the reporting function. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-With a lot of innovation happening in terms of developing super smart predictive algorithms, it is next to impossible to find a project management solution sans machine learning and AI. In some form or the other, these feature in different capacities and in different functions.

So, now let’s explore the top 10 popular employee project management systems of 2019!

  Top 10 Project Management Solutions

Wrike-  A great collaborative platform replete with features and functionalities to support businesses, irrespective of its market size. With modules for time &  budget tracking, Gantt Charts, calendar synchronization, and live activity streaming. Furthermore, it comes with flexible plans for different team size.

Asana- This is one of the best project management solutions when it comes to small enterprises. Extremely scalable and therefore, seamlessly takes care of the change management. Its uniqueness lies in the set of tools that it offers for a free plan.

  1. Zoho Projects – It’s a collaborative and feature an intense platform with an expansive scope for integrations. This tool comes with a great organizing capability that breaks down larger projects into smaller units for boosting efficiency and productivity.
  2. TeamGnatt – This software solution boats of its excellent tutorial. As the name suggests, this solution offers intuitive Gantt Charts for those stating off with a new business venture. 
  3. Workfront – The uniqueness lies in the capability of offering different permission levels and open API as a foundation. This is a very superior and highly customizable project management solution for enterprises.
  4. Clarizen – This is an enterprise project management system that brings together

Open APIs, quick set-up, and dynamic dashboards. Customizable workflow is one of its greatest offerings.

  1. Microsoft Project – One who is well versed with Microsoft tools and suites will find this extremely handy when it comes to managing teams. Also one needs certification to be able to remain on the top of this project management platform and leverage the fantastic features that are the trademark of the brand itself.
  2. ProofHub – A unique solution with a multilingual approach. The uniqueness of this particular project management solution lies in its ability to bring about a seamless convergence of all project management tiers on a single interface. Extremely scalable and comes with a simple price plan.
  3. Quire – This is a free tool that enables real-time collaborations coupled with a unique tree structure for a breakdown of critical tasks into smaller sub-tasks. Increased transparency allows collaborating partners to monitor the progress of projects simultaneously.
  4. Score -This project management platform boats of its intuitive and smart interface that aims to offer project transparency to all the stakeholders. The accessibility feature reigns high with superior compatibility with all the smartphone is available in the market. The centralized dashboard enables the easy management of project tiers.

Even though the project management market is teeming with options with competitive feature and pricing plans, it is very important for the management to understand that one size no longer fits all. Therefore, it is crucial that the project goals are evaluated and mapped with the features offered by the project management software options. Moreover, the selected option must be scalable enough to embrace changes going forward.

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