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Top 5 Best Customer Feedback Softwares for Automobile Sector

In this piece, we analyze the top 5 best customer feedback software for the automobile sector in 2019. With insights from consumer feedback, you can enhance your business strategies.

Top 5 Best Customer Feedback Softwares for Automobile Sector

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

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Marketers and small businesses typically depend on data and analytics for lead generation. But after you get leads, it’s vital to engage them throughout all stages of the buying experience. One method is to concentrate on consumer feedback. Instead of analytics, you can utilize the opinions of your customers about your services and products. So, what is the best customer feedback tool for the automobile sector?

In this piece, we analyze the top 5 best customer feedback software for the automobile sector in 2019. With insights from consumer feedback, you can enhance your business strategies. User feedback can also help you to measure satisfaction levels and boost consumer retention. With the tools given below, you can learn about unhappy consumers and decrease consumer attrition, and also enhance your product or service to make more customers satisfied with them.

Leading 5 Best Customer Feedback Software's for Automobile Sector in 2019

1. piHappiness

piHappiness customer feedback app for automobile sector enables you to use NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES 2.0, and CSAT to build engaging surveys and get useful feedback and actionable analytics on it. With this software, you can gather user feedback on a range of devices including Android phones and tablets, iPads, and iPhones. You can deploy online, email, and SMS surveys, and QR codes to collect customer feedback accurately.

NPS is widely utilized to measure buyer loyalty. piHappiness customer feedback tool for automobile sector helps you to run relationship and transactional NPS surveys. You can leverage SMS, website, and one-click email surveys conveniently on tablets, iPads, and mobile devices. The software offers everything from an in-depth drill-down of reports to the NPS score displayed on the dashboard. It assists you to ask vital questions that are valuable for your company in improving its quality of product or service.

piHappiness is a reliable platform for measuring consumer sentiment in real-time. Plus, its analytics tools give you insights into the quality of your products and services so you can improve them to grow your business.

Pricing: Basic : $49.99/ month | Premium: $99.99/ month | Premium+: $149.99/ month

2. Hotjar

Hotjar is a feedback and analytics solution that delivers insights on your users’ behavior and website. It gives you a detailed view of your website’s performance, its conversion rates, and how you can improve them. The platform presents heatmaps for behavior visualization, records user activities on your site, and informs you at which point visitors are exiting your conversion funnel.

Further, Hotjar’s feedback surveys and polls help you to learn what your consumers want and the drawbacks they find in your product or service. You can distribute your feedback surveys through email conveniently to find out about users’ concerns and objections to enhance your marketing plans.

3. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a consummate customer feedback software for automobile sector that is also utilized by top brands in other industries like Groupon, Hertz, Burger King, and Starbucks to increase their conversion rates. It is also suitable for small businesses. Qualaroo is specifically a survey platform that allows you to create surveys and forms to ask questions to your visitors about their interaction and experience on your website.

You can select from seven survey choices including Skip Logic and Target Questions. For instance, Target Questions allows you to ask specific queries based on each visitor’s behavior. It is a very precise feature that ensures a user is not given the same survey again.

4. Typeform

Typeform is a customer feedback app for automobile sector and online survey software that is simple to use and flaunts a modern and sleek interface. It enables you to easily create reports, polls, questionnaires, surveys, and forms. The platform offers a drag-n-drop form builder that you can utilize to effortlessly customize every form to incorporate your brand symbols. Include background images, colors, brand fonts, and videos to produce welcoming and attractive surveys.

With Typeform, it’s also easy to personalize your surveys. You can generate questions based on the information you have like the user’s name. Further, you can customize your messages to provide your respondents with a personal experience when they fill out your form or take your survey.

5. UserEcho

UserEcho is a web-based customer support platform. Instead of producing a questionnaire or survey, you can produce a forum, live chat, help desk, and more. Typically, customer support agents face the same kinds of questions multiple times. They don’t have to spend time crafting and delivering the same responses.

With UserEcho, you can make the process more efficient by creating a branded consumer support forum that hosts common questions and answers, and a knowledge base with useful guides. These tools can be created as a subdomain on your website to which you can direct your visitors and customers to help make your customer support process more effective. This strategy also allows your agents to focus on complex and important queries.