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Top 5 Latest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Latest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday August 19, 2020,

4 min Read

There is no chance that AI is going to beat any new technology in the coming years. It's an advancement in every field that has led startups to deal with the presence of data. The recent market has understood the concept of AI and cloud working together. The machine that wants to behave like humans cannot have its judgment. The more the presence of data, the more quickly and in-depth results one gets. Human interactions are much complex than AI. The human-made voice propagates in expedite form. In reality, there comes an interrogation on AI redefining customer interactions with voice AI. It lacks the list of human interactions filled with nuances, pre-set beliefs, cultural and societal ways. AI can minimize dependency through autonomous systems and handles more value-oriented tasks to its growth and productivity. 

Stats and figures

According to the recent stats and figures

  • AI-powered Voice assistants foster to reach 8billion by 2023.
  • Canadian researchers pursuing AI are funded with $492 million through NSERC by the Federal Government.
  • The global AI market anticipated reaching $60 billion by 2025.
  • One cannot suffice the 17% growth of AI in the podcast industry.
  • AI conceded business growth by 40%.
  • AI startups are getting a foot on the door more than the last two decades.
  • AI processing devices are used by 77% in one form or another.

Deep learning

Here is the list of some advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Chatbots contextual technology

The technique which is more rational than emotional is contextual technology. Its contextual capacity is still unproven and deals with obfuscation.  The upcoming global contextual chatbots market include Nuance Communications, chatfuel, artificial solutions, Google,, AWS, botsify, snatchbot, IBM Corporation, floatboat,, chatteron are few of them.

Contextual ai

The most advanced and powerful AI computing model that can talk and write like a human is GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Training-3 ). It is a free, open-source text generating algorithm. The inputs of the model comprise of half a trillion words and 175 billion parameters all over the internet. 


The rise of Graphic Designers

The designers are known for their creativity and human touch. Does AI suffice the paradigm of the designers? 

The Adobe new AI tool called sensei acts as the assistant to create the perfect customer experiences through visual assets. It can only work as the assistant while the ideas are human-based. The researchers are working harder to atone AI visual experiences.

Sketch the art with AI

Based on the traits of the human subjects, their unique quality, and feelings, the AI will learn about the user and portray its art. This application of AI painter presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv has a face to face talk with the human users to learn more about their unique qualities and feelings. It then uses this information to create portraits. The advanced artificial intelligence development where the painting, artwork, poetry, are created based on human subjects.

AI and cloud can go hand in hand.

As AI needs data to function an algorithm,  there is no defile of data in the cloud. AI programs work on accessing the data from the cloud storage that can be helpful in the decision-making process and communication. 

AI in Healthcare

AI in the healthcare industry is not a cup of tea. Much advancements are coming in the research and development of the treatment, diagnose a disease from CT lung scan, model the protein structure of the SARS- COV-2 virus that comes COVID19. Govt and other org have explored AI and track outbreaks and predict where the future will occur. 

Healthcare industry

Banking solutions with AI

Make a new investment decision using AI in banking solutions. The features include Scalability, automation, ease of use, risk analysis, and decision-making assistance for a good experience for banking requirements.


Artificial intelligence has made its improvement in every field. Now the challenge is to avoid the robotic sound and to ease voice conversion technologies with emotions.