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Top Unique Face Masks - Creative Genius or Plain Weird?

In times of lockdown, masks and sanitizers check out these really cool mask designs. They are cool, unique and some are even up for sale!

Top Unique Face Masks - Creative Genius or Plain Weird?

Sunday May 24, 2020,

4 min Read

The recent COVID19 crisis is going to have a deep impact and permanently alter our lifestyles. Our routines, travel, social life, work life everything seems to be challenged by this pandemic. As the lockdowns across countries ease people will move out of their confinements and try to get back to normalcy. Everyone out there is wearing a mask! All of them. How do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

Designers and companies across the world have been trying to figure out how to make masks which are efficient as well as different, fashionable and chic. Here are few examples.

The Magic Mask

Stefani Hook, from Colarado, USA designed this amazing mask which reveals the Marauders Map, from the famous Harry Potter novel series, as one breathes through it. Stefani shared a video of hers wearing this mask on her TikTok profile and the video immediately became viral. She was flooded with orders and went out of stock in a matter of minutes. I believe that the heat from exhaled air somehow activates the ink and the hidden pattern shows up. Nevertheless, it truly looks magical and straight out of the fictional world of Harry Potter. Great creativity and idea.

Magic mask that reveals the Marauders Map on breathing.

The Transparent Face Mask

Face masks have made life difficult for those who have have hearing disorders as they can no longer visually see the lips of the person who is talking. People with hearing difficulties use lip-reading and facial expression to communicate effectively. A genius idea of making a mask with a transparent PVC window, solves this problem effectively. This idea is now used by many across the globe to help those with hearing difficulties.

Transparent Face Mask

image credits : Reuters, India

Monster Knit Mask Ensuring Social Distancing

Designed by Ýrúrarí, an Icelandic student this monster face mask is epic. She has a huge collection of such knitted masks inspired by cartoon characters, dragons and monsters. This mask not only garners attention but the design and pattern is so repulsive it automatically ensure social distancing.

Monster Face Mask

image credits popcornhorror.com

Printed Face Masks

Lots of online stores are now selling printed designer face masks made from various fabrics like cotton, linen etc. While some are printed, few are even embroidered. Unlike others in this list, these are produced in bulk are easily available online or on eCommerce marketplaces. These are the most practically designed variants of all the examples in this list. Wearing these to work, and travel would make look good and would surely turn heads. An immediate extension of this could be cotton masks with quotes printed on them. These could be an instant hit in the younger generation.

Printed Face Masks

The Face Unlocker

The biggest problem people face when venturing out is when they want to use their phone. With masks and gloves on, the facial recognition and the finger print sensor both fail to work. To circumvent this problem this company in India started custom printed face masks. They print your face on the mask, and as shown below. This makes the facial recognition system on your phone work! Pure genius! This works on most android phones, however we doubt it can fool the very strong facial recognition software used by Apple.

Face Mask - For unlocking phones

It is interesting to see how creative minds have used the current lockdown and quarantine to come up with these unique ideas and completely changed the way we perceive a mask. Who would have thought that something so tiny and minuscule as a virus would change our lives so dramatically and force us all to cover our faces!

That is it folks! Let us know in comments which design intrigued you the most, and would you ever buy any of these masks? Also, if you find more unique masks! Happy Masking to you!