Voice Search SEO Strategies 2020

Voice Search SEO Strategies 2020

Monday September 07, 2020,

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Voice search is all about searching the thin using voice. In mobile devices, voice search is having a good percentage. Voice search is also taking place using desktop computers, laptops, speakers and many other devices. Nowadays people are using speakers for their assistance in their homes. Till the end of 2020 speakers will cover 50% of the market to assist people using voice search. One Smart speaker will take place in every home. So we need to do SEO for voice search.

The concept behind the voice search is all about voice recognition. Voice recognition has been starting decades. Due to various other technologies like artificial intelligence & machine learning in recent years, we are getting new updates & experience in voice search. Because all these technologies help to improve voice recognition.

65% market covers by google & amazon smart speakers to assist people to find a thing and do other activities using voice commands

Need Voice Search SEO

Voice search SEO is required due to various reasons. Voice search reduces human efforts to type the message or in various other tasks. Voice search speakers assist than to type. It provides results fast with accuracy. Voice search works on AI technology. There are various companies, who provide smart speakers based on voice search concepts. Google Assistant Smart speakers improve their accuracy & also improve understanding of the English language.

In the market, there are various voice search smart speakers & devices like Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant.

According to Google research, there are various reasons to use smart speakers & voice assistant products:

  • It helps to multitask easily with accuracy.
  • All vice assistant devices do work faster and with accuracy.
  • All these devices give information so quickly.
  • It helps home-makers in their daily routine.
  • Schedule the class for a day
  • Tuition Fee payment reminder
  • Know about meal card balance
  • Setting reminder before the class start
  • Searching for hotels & bars nearby location
  • Ordering towels
  • Controlling in-room temperature or lighting
  • Finding local restaurants and attractions
  • Calling & Checking out

There are various tasks in which the home-maker uses voice instructions to get information, call someone, check some tasks and various other points in which a voice search assistant device helps.

For example when you’re cooking and need to check a recipe but your hands are covered in flour. It provides the facility to search for information using a hand’s free options when you are driving.

Voice search provides the features to ask questions loudly by lots of people, it happens mainly in mobile devices, where lots of people can speak louder and get information.

Technology or Concept for Voice Search

Technology or Concept for Voice Search

What is a dialogue system?

As the name describes the dialogue system is all about a computer setup, through which human beings can give instructions to perform tasks. Dialogue system uses various modes of communication like text, speech, gestures for input & output the signals.

Behind the dialogue system, there are various dialogue components to analyse the semantics & strategy. The dialogue system manager is constant for every one of the components.

Use of a dialogue system in 1977, for research & development. As technology advances, we develop the most useful dialogue system.

Automatic Speech recognition

ASR is used for feeding the input signals in voice search devices. so that when human beings give any instructions or commands they can easily understand. There are various other concepts like the text to speech and many more.

A virtual assistant is not mandatory for a voice search device. As a human being gives the command to perform any task, first of all, language should be detected then there are some keywords, which have been captured and the query will answer accordingly.

Optimizing for traditional search is vastly different from voice.

Traditional search is about to search the content and other information by using google. But in voice search, we can use google assistance. Through google voice assistance we can easily search various information using the commands of voice.

According to various research, the organic search result on Google’s SERP gets the result in up to 35.35 percent of clicks in traditional search. But in voice search, the result for searches is less as compared to traditional search. There are a few top results for mobile and only one result for smart speakers. If you get top ranking, which means you get everything. Till the end of 2020, up to 50 % of the search activity will be conducted by voice.

Voice Engine Optimization Strategies to Get Ahead

Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) is a term, which is used for voice-based search engine optimization.

VEO provides you various information about the content, location, restaurants and many more. To increase your presence in the digital world, you can do voice search SEO. VEO helps you to improve the presence of your brand.

As it is new, people are not aware of this. To achieve ranking using VEO is not an easy task.

How to Create a Voice Engine Optimization Strategy 2020

Voice Engine Optimization Strategy 2020

1. Optimize Your Business Listings

Business listing is an essential part of any business. so before proceeding further. Please do a business listing of your brand with the correct name, address, phone number, and other various important information.

If you do a listing of your product you can easily search by voice search and traditional search. There are bulk sites that didn’t show their presence because they are not registered on google business listing or there is an inaccurate listing of their business.

2. Speed Up Your Website

website speed is an important aspect of your ranking in a different browser. To improve your website loading & response time. The website response time should be 3 seconds. If response time exceeds then it is very annoying for the users. And this will reduce your ranking and other various things on browsers.

3. Your New Content Strategy: Focus on Questions

People who are using voice search feel that they are talking to their friends. always try to use keywords for voice search and also try to use long-tail keywords, description. so that you can get results within seconds. keywords help to get results in seconds.

41% percent of people think that whenever they are using voice search and give any instructions they feel they are talking to their friend. content plays an important role in any kind of search. In voice search SEO natural language processing is used to get the results in seconds.

4. Your New Content Strategy: Provide Answers

FAQ pages play an important role in content strategy to get traffic on your website. Update your content frequently. So that you can keep it fresh. and get good ranking and traffic on your website. Markup language should be used to improve the listing of your business: Questions should be marked up properly in <h2> headers.

always try to give answers related to queries of products, services, and user inquiry. Questions & answers will help to improve your website ranking.

5. Test It

As we all know voice search SEO is new in the market and it creates a boom in the market of technology. People enjoy smart speakers and mobile phone smart search using voice recognition concepts. So before lunch of any product do proper testing for those products. Testing will help to debug

How to Test Voice Search

Testing is the important aspect of any product either it is technology-related products or other products.their are various software and devices through which you can test your products.

Devices available for testing for voice search is: Smart Speakers vs. Mobile or Google Assistant vs. Alexa vs. Cortana vs. Siri

There are various test case scenarios, where you can test your products for voice search.so perform test cases to do testing of your voice search products.