10 things you didn’t know about DesignUp, where startups can learn all about design

10 things you didn’t know about DesignUp, where startups can learn all about design

Saturday November 05, 2016,

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Design­ – a concept so undefined and yet so ingrained in our daily lives that it is often something we take for granted. From the clothes we wear, to the homes we live in, the packaging of the products we use to the ideas that sold those products to us in the first place, design is everywhere.

It is perhaps this ubiquity that makes it difficult for startups to reimagine how design can be leveraged to create differentiated and delightful experiences on a limited budget and in limited time. And that is where an event like DesignUp makes a difference.

To be held in Bengaluru on November 12 and 13, the sold-out event will give participants the opportunity to attend workshops on subjects such as designing for discovery, designing for complexity, SaaS, brand recall, and learning. There will also be a range of focused, intensive and hands-on workshops with design and product leaders. Attendees are coming not just from all over India but also from places like San Francisco.


Here are 10 things that make DesignUp a one-of-a-kind event.

  1. DesignUp is a Minimum Viable Event, and the journey from idea to event took just 9.5 weeks. The idea for DesignUp first came up when a group of friends met over coffee at a café in Bengaluru.
  2. The two-day long, heavily curated event can accelerate learning for both designers and non-designers on key subjects including UX, product-market fit, data, branding, careers, learning, hiring, prototyping, and mapping.
  3. The aim is not to impress with scale. In fact, it has deliberately been kept small, and is being hosted at a startup community space rather than the de rigueur 5-star hotel.
  4. It’s not just about designers talking design, but CEOs, founders, VCs, product heads and design recruiters sharing actionable takeaways related to the subject.
  5. Almost 50 percent of speakers/workshop leaders are women, including keynote speakers.
  6. It’s not just all talk. DesignUp has a host of hands-on workshops on Day 2—ranging from prototyping to product fit.
  7. DesignUp is 100 percent volunteer-led. This multi-disciplinary team includes freelancers and employees from multiple companies including redBus, SAIF Partners, Adobe, Flipkart, co, and HFI.
  8. Attendees include folks from BookMyShow, Zoho, Flipkart, CapitalFloat, Practo, ClearTax, Ola, Furlenco, Wishberry, MakeMyTrip, FreshDesk, Playment, and YourDost. Also participating are people from Philips, TCS, Adobe, and Google.
  9. In addition to designers, attendees include Product Directors, Marketing Heads, VPs of Tech, and Directors of Growth.
  10. The event sold out in less than a week! 60 percent of tickets were sold by Day 3, and there’s a long waitlist of people hoping to attend.

You can read more about this one-of-a-kind event here.

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