5 startup skills you need to master to be able to work with one

5 startup skills you need to master to be able to work with one

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

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Recruiting top talent continues to be a challenge for most startups as candidates quote astronomical salaries, way beyond the means of new entrants. However, that leads an array of opportunities for freshers to fill in and display their capabilities. So, if you harbour the dream to work with a startup, you need to develop certain skills that such establishments look for in employees – this includes a diverse mix of content, marketing and people skills.


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Here's a list of five startup skills you need to master to be able to work with one.


Whether it is products or services, any business entity is trying to sell one thing or another. With a constraint on funding, most startups are unable to hire dedicated and experienced sales personnel to drive their sales team. Therefore, freshers who have the capacity to understand the nuances of selling a product and sales processes, are always considered a good catch.

Content creation

Great content is a must for startups who want to build credibility for their business and draw prospective customers and clients. From researchers and writers to community managers, startups require employees who can produce high quality content. So, if communication is your field of choosing then better sharpen those quirky and witty communication skills.

Growth skills

Startups are often on the lookout for employees who can demonstrate hustle, have great technical skills and an inherent understanding of SEO. As today's startups have a core dependency on growth hackers, candidates who display deep analytical skills and the ability to influence product and write codes are always welcome. Hence, individuals who know how to engineer and drive growth through diverse channels and the product itself, are always considered an asset.

Communication skills

No matter what position you are applying for, if you have the ability to collect customer feedback and translate it into analytical information, you are someone all startups are looking for. However, it is a prerequisite that a candidate must possess excellent communication skills, as the process of gathering data involves sales calls, customer interviews and user support.

Technical skills

Developers are the most sought after hires at all startups. However, if you're not interested in developing, you should have some degree of technical literacy. More and more employees are expected to have basic technical proficiency and design abilities. Hence, if you want to bag a job at a startup, brush up on HTML and Photoshop today.

More than anything, startups want people who have the ability to get things done and build momentum. Strive to acquire the above mentioned five skills to get an easy entry into the startup world.