[Jobs roundup] As bike rentals rev up, Bounce speeds up hiring with these job openings

Bounce has been identified as one of the most preferred ways to commute in Bengaluru. Use your expertise to reduce the public's travel woes by joining the bike rental startup.

[Jobs roundup] As bike rentals rev up, Bounce speeds up hiring with these job openings

Thursday October 03, 2019,

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Every Bengaluru resident has a legendary traffic story to narrate. But this has been made easy, thanks to bike-sharing app Bounce. The startup, which operates in 11 cities apart than Bengaluru, gives users the convenience of picking up a bike from anywhere through its app and dropping it off at any location once they reach their destination.


(L-R) Varun G, HR Vivekananda and Anil G, founders of Bounce

Ever since it started, the love for Bounce has been perpetuating steadily across the country.

In this ever-growing landscape, and with over 7,000 scooters on the city’s roads, the startup has several job openings. This is the opportunity for all strategic professionals to get into Bounce with different specialisations.

YourStory has curated a list of openings for the position of Project Manager at the bike-sharing startup.

Senior PM – Pricing & Promotions

Experience needed: 2-4 years

The candidate for this position should have a strong vision to develop, implement, and support the company’s pricing programme. They must have innovative ideas to promote the company as well as drive value for the customer. If you are a passionate pricing manager with new ideas to increase the company reputation, you are a perfect fit for this role.

Senior PM – CX & Self-serve

Experience needed: 2-4 years

Bounce is looking for an enthusiastic project manager who can drive people, process, and technology initiatives to optimise the customer support experience. They must be able to work collaboratively to develop price elasticity values and enhance the overall experience of the customer. The candidate should also identify opportunities to develop and drive solutions to enable automated tools and applications for self-service.

Senior PM – Mobile Apps Platform

Experience needed: 2-4 years

The selected candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing new features or making changes to the existing mobile app platforms. They should analyse and define product specifications and also review design specifications. The important aspect of their duty is to ensure the proper functioning of the app, and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Senior PM – Inventory/Supply Chain

Experience needed: 2-4 years

The company is on the lookout for a project manager who can efficiently develop and manage initiatives to improve the functioning of the company. They must lead project teams and manage work plans including timelines, risk management, and budget management. Devising ways to optimise inventory control procedures will be their primary responsibility.

Senior PM – Data Products

Experience needed: 2-4 years

As a Senior PM for Data Products, the candidate will be responsible for developing the data platform. They will have to define products from existing needs and develop new ideas based on contact with customers and prospects. They should then turn these ideas into reality by creating reliable solutions.

Senior PM – Loyalty

Experience needed: 2-4 years

Bounce is searching for a determined project manager who will be able to focus on maximising business value. They will have to work closely with customers to understand the user problems and provide them with a functional solution. The candidate will be expected to synthesise customer feedback and data to identify product opportunities.

Senior PM – Growth

Experience needed: 2-4 years

The candidate should possess the ability to solve internal issues to achieve objectives and deliver results. Their role is to define the scope and develop requirements for upgrades and progressive releases for existing products. They will have to make the best data-driven decisions with the growth of the company in mind.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)

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