Is it time to go back to the office?

Almost two years after the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees to adopt remote work. Is it time to head back to office?

Is it time to go back to the office?

Monday February 21, 2022,

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When the first wave of COVID-19 struck, companies across the world scrambled to get their employees to shift to remote work — a concept that until then was an anomaly. 

After thousands of “in these uncertain times” emails and team-building activities over Zoom, how are employees planning their post-pandemic work strategy?

Social ecommerce startup Meesho, for example, recently announced a first-of-its-kind Boundaryless Workplace Model where employees have the power to choose to work from home, the office, or any other location of their choice.

Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer, Meesho, said, “We have been championing many industry-first initiatives that have redefined conventional workplace norms and this new policy is a step in that direction.”

But, not everyone is convinced. YourStory takes a deep dive into the post-pandemic workplace. Read more.

The Interview

Looking for tested strategies to improve your product-market fit? Watch this insightful interview on #TheSoonicornSpotlight’s episode 'Cracking the Product-Market Fit Holy Grail' featuring Shreyans Daga, CTO, MyGate

Editor’s Pick: Inside RNR Donne Biryani

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, sisters Ramya and Shwetha Ravi started a food delivery brand, RNR Donne Biryani in November 2020, to serve naati-style Karnataka biryani. Today, the brand has 14 cloud kitchens and a restaurant in the heart of Bengaluru. Read more

donne biryani

Startup Spotlight

Making digital on-boarding pain-free

Backed by the likes of Quona Capital, Okta Identity and Blume Ventures, Bengaluru-based Bureau focuses on the onboarding and compliance journey of a customer on a digital platform. 

The product identifies whether a new customer signing on to a digital platform is genuine, offers intelligence on which parameters does the customer show positive response to versus others, and provides a risk guarantee for onboarding a new customer based on these parameters for the online service provider. Read more

Startup Spotlight

Powering brands’ ecommerce presence

Founded in 2020, Gurugram-based B2B SaaS startup Trailytics helps brands improve campaign performance via data analytics. 

Trailytics provides a view of the brand across multiple ecommerce marketplaces, including Amazon, Flipkart, etc., on a single dashboard, for quick review and action, eliminating the manual effort of driving insights. Read more

Trailytics Snapshot

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Deepak Shenoy, Founder and CEO, Capitalmind

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