These 5 startups are helping boost employee engagement and productivity

YourStory has curated a list of startups that offer tech-enabled tools to engage employees in the workplace and help in better productivity.

These 5 startups are helping boost employee engagement and productivity

Friday April 15, 2022,

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Employees are the most important asset of an organisation -- be it large or small. The success of an organisation depends on the efforts of its employees.

Hence, it becomes important for employers to engage employees and enhance workplace culture so that they feel more comfortable, connected, and work dedicatedly towards the common goals and objectives of the company. 

Employee engagement is a function that maintains a healthy and transparent relationship and builds trust between employees and the company. 

Apart from paying good salaries, it is also important for organisations to have effective strategies in place that will help create a better work culture, increase productivity, reduce attrition, and also make employees happier and turn them into your best advocates.

Here are some startups that are helping organisations build a strong work culture and maintain good and effective relationships with their employees.


Founded in 2019 by Mohit Ambani, Mehul Jain, and Arpit Vasani, Bengaluru-based SaaS startup UnoTag helps companies and their sales teams, influencers, and channel partners to enhance their performance through gamification, thereby motivating them with automated incentives.


The startup uses its proprietary AI platform Mok to amplify the productivity of employees.

UnoTag can be integrated with major CRM’s such as Salesforce, Zoho, Freshdesk, Teams, Hubspot, etc. It uses elements like leaderboards, fantasy leagues, points, goals, and badges to drive users in completing their tasks.

“The AI-driven personalised nudges help sales teams drive better behaviour in completing tasks and achieving goals. Our platform helps in improving product knowledge using quiz and memory games,” said Ambani.


Founded in 2014 by Ravi Bhamidipati, Ramesh Srinivas, and Sudha Bhamidapti, Bengaluru-based tech startup Worxogo offers a personal cognitive AI coach called Mia that helps employees enhance their productivity via actionable advice using principles of behavioural science and neuroeconomics.


Founding team of worxogo

Mia understands what makes employees tick by recognising workplace behaviour preference and their responses to nudge. The team said it has been built on proprietary machine-learning algorithms that assess each employee’s unique behaviour preference, along with performance data.

“The conceptual underpinning of our engine - behavioural science, neuroeconomics, and AI, are already dominating conversations as tools of change and we are the first to establish its importance in the enterprise context,” said Ramesh.


San Francisco and Bengaluru-based startup MindTickle is a SaaS-based platform that combines social learning, gamification, micro-learning, mobile, etc., with a data-driven approach to make the customer and sales success departments more productive.


Mindtickle founders (from left):Nishant Mungali, Krishna Depura and Deepak Diwakar

Founded in 2011 by Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungali, and Deepak Diwakar, the startup claims that its technology helps companies to be ready to grow revenue by understanding ideal sales behaviours, incorporating real-world feedback from their meetings with customers, and increasing seller knowledge and skill sets.

“Our mission is to help companies transform the capabilities and behaviours of their teams to generate a meaningful and measurable impact on their revenue and brand,” says Krishna.


Founded in 2012 by Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek Kumar, and Kushal Agrawal, Bengaluru-based Xoxoday is a horizontal reward and incentive infrastructure to solve problems around employee rewards and recognition, sales incentives, consumer promotions, and channel incentives.


The startup offers a complete toolkit for engagement and motivation.

The technology platform includes easy to use, plug-n-play, and highly scalable products. The startup helps companies to engage and motivate their employees, dealers, freelancers, survey panelists, contractors, freelancers, and more.

“Transactional-led SaaS ensures that you focus on scaling the value delivered, not optimising optics by scaling usage. We will witness more intuitive products leveraging transactional-led SaaS to drive home the value in the coming time,” says Sumit.


Founded in 2020 by Saurabh Arora and Abhishek Poddar, Bengaluru-based Plum offers health insurance and corporate benefits at affordable rates. Some of the benefits for employees for using its services include improvement in employee health and productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduction in health benefits costs.


Plum Founders(L-R) : Saurabh Arora (CTO) and Abhishek Poddar (CEO)

The startup offers comprehensive employee benefits and wellness plans that includes doctor teleconsultations, dental care, fitness, diet, yoga, health checkups and mental wellness. Also, all its members get complimentary care services like 24*7 doctor-on-call service.

“The idea is to understand how the health benefits are procured, and also understand what employees thought of the health insurance and benefits,” adds Saurabh

Edited by Megha Reddy