[Funding roundup] Wishlink, MakerDojo.io, Wright Research raise fresh funds

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[Funding roundup] Wishlink, MakerDojo.io, Wright Research raise fresh funds

Tuesday October 11, 2022,

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Wishlink raises $3M from Elevation Capital

Creator-led commerce startup Wishlink raised $3 million in a seed round from Elevation Capital and a clutch of over 70 angel investors, including ShareChat's Ankush Sachdeva, fashion creator Masoom Minawala, and Meesho co-founders Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal.

Founded by IIT-Delhi graduates Chandan Yadav, Shaurya Gupta, and Divyansh Ameta, Wishlink lets

creators connect their multi-brand store fronts with social media platforms and drive commerce for partnered brands.

At present, Wishlink works with nearly 60 brands, including H&M, Westside, Faballey, G.O.A.T Brand Labs, and the ecommerce platform Amazon, and about 100 creators.

MakerDojo.io raises $1.5M from Leo Capital

SaaS blockchain startup MakerDojo.io raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding round from Leo Capital, which also saw participation from US-based investors UP2398 and Jan M. Leeman.

The startup will use the funds to develop its product and acquire more talent.

Based in India and the US, MakerDojo.io was founded in 2021 by Stanford graduates Priyank Chodisetti, Vignesh Aigal, and Ajay Chintala. The startup aims to simplify complex and error-prone blockchain data extraction processes for developers.


(Left-right) Ajay Chintale, Priyank Chodisetti and Vignesh Aigal started MakerDojo.io in 2021

Wright Research raises $1M from Orios Venture Partners

Wright Research, a quant and AI-driven investment advisor, raised $1 million in seed capital from Orios Venture Partners. The startup plans to use these funds to expand its business, improve its technology stack, and accelerate into institutional fund management.

Founded in 2019 by IIT Kanpur graduate Sonam Srivastava, Wright Research has over 40,000 subscribers and close to Rs 200 crore in assets under advisory.

"The Indian market has myriad opportunities that come and go dynamically, which is why well-researched and risk-managed quantitative investment strategies can really flourish here. We have seen the power of the rising retail investor in India who increasingly trusts technology," said Sonam, Founder of Wright Research, in a press release.

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