The 30 most promising Indian startups of 2022

YourStory presents Tech30—its annual curated list of rising stars in India’s startup ecosystem—at TechSparks 2022.

The 30 most promising Indian startups of 2022

Thursday November 10, 2022,

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One of the star attractions of day one of the 2022 edition of TechSparks, YourStory’s flagship startup-tech event, was the unveiling of this year’s Tech30—a specially curated list of India’s 30 most promising startups.

Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory, unveiled the eleventh annual edition of the Tech30 report amidst applause and cheers from an excited crowd, which included founders whose companies were selected to be a part of the Tech30 2022 list.

Unveiling the report, Shradha said Tech30 was created 11 years ago so promising startups would not have to rely on investors alone to get recognised.

Tech30 2022

"Hoping to see you from here to wherever you grow and reach, and wish you the best," said Shradha, pointing out that earlier winners included companies such as Freshworks, Chargebee, and Innovaccer that now rank among India's biggest tech companies with a global footprint.

"The startrup ecosystem is going through challenging times, and that means that we don’t have to compete, but collaborate," Shradha said. "And we will always be on your side in your future journey."

Despite the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs and startups in 2022, innovation bears a strong ray of hope. And this year’s Tech30 list is further proof of how the startup sector plays a key role in fostering innovation and disruption, as 18 of the selected companies hold patents.

The Tech30 list of startups, curated out of 1,580+ applicants, also reveals how the entrepreneurial bug has extended beyond Tier I cities.

From close to 74% last year, the share of applications from Tier I locations dropped to a little over 71% this year. While 20 Tier II and beyond locations had applications from five or more startups, 139 other locations saw applications from fewer than five startups.

The faith shown by investors is another important yardstick. While a dozen of the selected startups had marquee investors such as Sequoia Capital India and Kunal Shah (Founder, CRED), half-a-dozen were backed by Accel and Tiger Global.

Tech30 2022 report

Here are the Tech30 startups of 2022:

Aerobiosys Innovations

Aerobiosys Innovations aims to solve the unmet clinical needs of critical-care patients by building innovative products that enable them to access quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

Algorithmic Biologics

AlgoBio democratises molecular information by bringing unprecedented scale efficiencies to molecular discovery and diagnostics.


BugBase is a global marketplace of ethical hackers, hosting crowdsourced bug bounty programmes for startups and enterprises.

CARPL is the world’s first testing and distribution platform for healthcare AI.


Clairco helps commercial buildings reduce indoor air pollution and energy consumption using nanotech and IoT at zero capex.

Convrse’s marketplace enables metaverse developers with game-ready 3D environments, sourced from 3D spatial designers.

Dextroware Devices

Dextroware Devices’ product, Mouseware, is India’s first assistive tech that enables hands-free control of smart devices with simple head movements. 

Dharaksha Ecosolutions

Dharaksha Ecosolutions converts crop stubble waste into biodegradable packaging material.

DTown Robotics

DTown Robotics designs and develops unmanned aerial/ground solutions for defence and agricultural applications. 


ECOSTP offers a patented zero-power, zero-chemical sewage treatment system.


ElectricPe is working on building India’s largest electric vehicle charging platform by partnering with thousands of independent charge point operators. 


EVRE designs, develops and manufactures technologically advanced EV charging solutions and creates sustainable charging infrastructure.


GalaxEye Space is unlocking a whole new dimension for industries to do geo-analysis accurately and seamlessly by bringing fusion-based imagery data via satellites from space.

Hyphen SCS

Hyphen SCS is building India’s biggest warehousing and fulfilment platform.


Indicold is a tech-enabled B2B cold chain solutions provider. 

Jivika Healthcare

Jivika Healthcare bridges the gap in healthcare service with innovation, accessibility, and affordable delivery through VaccineOnWheels, ChemoAtHome, and Health&Wellness CentreOnWheels. 


Kazam is an operating system for EVs and their peripherals to get connected to the cloud and run complex applications. 


Lightmetrics is making roads safer everywhere through an AI platform. 


Neodocs provides smartphone-based instant lab test kits.

Neuranics Lab

Neuranics Lab builds a 10-minute diagnostic platform using just two drops of blood.

Nosh (Euphotic Labs)

Nosh is a deep-tech startup building home robots that cook delicious food.


Onmeta is the quickest on/off-ramp solution for Web3 businesses.


Saathi provides India’s only biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads. 

Savvology Games

Savvology Games creates original Game Theory-based two-minute games that involve zero luck.


Simyog provides a computational software called ‘Compliance Scope’—a virtual laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility. 


Solinas uses robotics and AI solutions to eliminate manual scavenging and do end-to-end management of water utilities. 


TechXR aims to democratise AR/VR using an affordable patented device—3D mouse for smartphones, so that anyone can create immersive and interactive XR content.


UrbanMatrix provides an operating system for drones.


VayuJal Technologies’s patented technology extracts water from air and provides water. 


Wyld offers India’s first social currency card, exclusively for Instagrammers.

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