Health, living, education: 15 quotes from India’s COVID-19 journey

In this compilation, we present thought-provoking quotes from the weeks of December 5-18 that frame India’s battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health, living, education: 15 quotes from India’s COVID-19 journey

Tuesday December 20, 2022,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous edition here). This special series of compilations focuses on India’s COVID-19 struggle. Share these quotes and excerpts with your networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

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Society has developed a healthy appreciation and insight into authenticity and consciousness. - Ajay Jain, Tata Motors

COVID-19 has been a huge learning in terms of all the things that we can grieve and how we deal with that grief. - Anna Lyons

Creating design systems that are resilient to change that can rotate between remote and live contexts has been the primordial responsibility. - Dhilip Kumar, BYJU'S

It was important to discover measures to maintain employee engagement and help them feel a sense of belonging to the company as more employees worked remotely. - Girish Rowjee, greytHR

Our new business model focused on more efficiently cost-structured contracts, revenue-sharing, and enhanced tech integration. We believe we are stronger than we were before COVID-19. - Krishna Kumar, Isthara Parks

By February 27, every school in Japan was closed. I was at the airport and wrote an email to the executive team that every school in the world would soon follow. - Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera

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The pandemic has provided me with space and time to reflect on various dynamics of life and living. It has given me the strength to endure and overcome in reflection of the realities outside. - Roja Sanchana, India Art Festival

User behaviour has seen a strong online shift post-COVID-19. We introduced online bookings and have seen strong growth over the last academic session. - Venayak Saran Gupta, Your-Space

The third big change happened due to COVID-19 and the entire network went haywire. You could not move non-essential shipments all of April and May 2020. - Chanakya Hridaya, BlackBuck

We saw a boom of online art shows and art festivals in virtual format during the pandemic. - Rajendra, India Art Festival

Online learning is going to be happening in every school, remote work is going to be happening in every company. You will still have offices, but a lot more remote work. - Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera

Back to work has seen an uptick in the workwear segment for men and women. - Sharon Pais, Myntra

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We have 65% working professionals and 35% of students as of now and have seen a 10% increase in rent post-COVID-19. - Sneha Choudhry, Zolostays

The swing of the pendulum is now clearly visible in business travel, and we are expecting this trend to continue. - Kavikrut, OYO

Single occupancy rooms are in high demand as the demand and preference for more personal space and privacy have increased after COVID-19. - Krishna Kumar, Isthara Parks

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