‘You don’t have to be the first in the market, but the best in the market’ – 20 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

From team to trophy, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘You don’t have to be the first in the market, but the best in the market’ – 20 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

Thursday February 09, 2023,

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Industrial and logistics infrastructure is a key enabler of economic growth. - Brian Oravec, IndoSpace Capital Asia

By embedding data protection and privacy into their culture and ongoing operations, organisations can ensure that they are well-positioned to meet the challenges of an increasingly data-driven digital world. - Samir Kumar Mishra, Cisco

A key approach for traditional players is to acquire and make strategic investments in digital brands to target specific customer cohorts. - Mohit Rana, Redseer Strategy Consultants

Technologically advanced vending machines can predict demand for particular products and prompt brands to replenish the stock. - Prerna Kalra, Daalchini Technologies

The automotive industry is expected to play a critical role in the transition towards green energy. - Economic Survey

On the consumer end, features, running costs, and price constitute the top three consideration factors for buying an electric vehicle, followed by environmental concern and performance. - Aditya Agrawal, Redseer Strategy Consultants

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It is great to see the acknowledgment of the importance of entrepreneurship for India’s economic development. - Harshvardhan Lunia, Lendingkart

The majority of the angel and pre-VC funding has gone to SME-focused B2B startups offering HRMS, CRM, ERP, accounting, sales automation, lead generation, and logistics management. - Vishal Prakash Shah, Synersoft

Investments in Infrastructure and productive capacity have a large multiplier impact on growth and employment. - Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Previously [angel tax] only applied to investments from residents. Foreign capital is the largest source of funding for Indian startups and this measure will push many investors to turn hesitant in funding Indian startups. - Siddharth Pai, 3one4 Capital

I strongly advocate for a tax regime to attract foreign capital directly into Indian startups. - Anirudh A Damani, Artha Venture Fund

The backbone for innovation in the country sits with research labs and incubators; we were looking forward to some support in fostering sustained growth and scale for the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the country. - Anand Sri Ganesh, NSRCEL

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The budget could have included measures such as promoting entrepreneurship through fund of funds and seed capital for R&D, IP filing, expanding domestic LP base and capital pools and regulating crowdfunding and angel funding platforms. - Mahankali Srinivas Rao, T-Hub

Lab-grown is the future and homegrown diamonds will foster employment. - Vaibhav Karnvat, Quadri

The biggest challenge to improve domestic fish consumption is the market linkage factor. - Rajamanohar Somasundaram, Aquaconnect

Political professional space is expanding in India and has less than 5% of women participating in it. The industry is spanning over $7 billion in election management, of which close to 50% is spent on campaigning. - Kanksshi Agarwal, NETRI Foundation

In Sweden, healthcare costs have increased 50% faster than GDP since the year 2000, and in 28 of 32 EU countries, the increase has been even faster. - Hjalmar Nilsonne, Neko

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Organisations don’t last as institutions, till there is compassion and care. - Tejas Goenka, Tally Solutions

It is important to know and treat your customers as humans and not as statistics in a data set. - Gunnidhi Singh Sareen, Head Digital Works

Creating a level playing field for women in the IT sector calls for the right policies, diligent enforcement and unbiased leadership. - Mukesh Gandhi, Creative Synergies Group

Performance marketing is pivotal to brand recall and an effective way to expand brand reach. - Gunnidhi Singh Sareen, Head Digital Works

Failure kicks out the ego. - Manjunatha (‘MANZz’), Chitra Santhe

You don’t have to be the first in the market, but the best in the market. - Tejas Goenka, Tally Solutions

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