Farewell, Google Play Movies & TV: Android TV Debuts 'Shop' Tab

Google Play Movies & TV's era ends as Google introduces the 'Shop' tab on Android TV. This new feature provides a simplified, direct way to discover and purchase new movies and shows, marking a significant change in Google's digital entertainment strategy

Farewell, Google Play Movies & TV: Android TV Debuts 'Shop' Tab

Thursday June 29, 2023,

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Google Play Movies & TV, a mainstay for television and film rentals and purchases, is bowing out after more than a decade in service. First launched in 2011, this platform served as a straightforward solution for enhancing your entertainment repertoire, synchronising acquisitions across an array of Google products such as YouTube​.

Hints at the departure of Google Play Movies & TV emerged in 2020 with the introduction of Google TV, which notably excluded a Play Movies application. Instead, it utilised a 'Library' tab to house a user's existing purchases, integrating purchases and rentals directly onto the home screen. That same year, Google TV made its debut on Android and iOS devices. Subsequently, in 2021, Google discontinued the Play Movies & TV application on Roku and other smart TV platforms, instead guiding users to access their content through YouTube – a change widely regarded as a significant downgrade​.

Over the past couple of years, Google Play Movies & TV endured solely on the Android TV platform. However, this last remnant is now vanishing as Google incorporates purchases directly onto the Android TV home screen. Coinciding with this alteration, Google Play Movies & TV is being superseded by a fresh 'Shop' tab. This feature, which will support existing libraries synchronised from Play Movies, Google TV, and YouTube, mirrors the functionality of the 'Library' tab found on Google TV​.

Despite this transformation, Google has reassured users that they will retain the ability to utilise the Play Movies application, leaving a degree of uncertainty regarding the app's future prospects​1​. Nevertheless, any purchases made through the service will continue to be accessible in the user's libraries, alongside any films or television programmes bought or rented directly from YouTube or Android TV​.

The newly introduced 'Shop' tab on Android TV facilitates the direct discovery and purchase of new films and television shows, obviating the need to open other applications or reach for your mobile. The experience closely resembles that of Google TV, smoothing the transition for users​.

This update is initially rolling out in the United States and is set to become available in 24 countries over the ensuing weeks​.

Whilst this change marks the end of the line for Google Play Movies & TV, it also signifies Google's ongoing evolution in the digital entertainment sphere as it streamlines its services and champions its newer platforms.