Naked Nature: How Surya Turned Salt into a Multi-Crore Venture

From Thoothkudi's salt to the digital marketing realm, Surya Varshan's journey in establishing Naked Nature is an inspiring testament to young entrepreneurial spirit

Naked Nature: How Surya Turned Salt into a Multi-Crore Venture

Sunday August 27, 2023,

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In the bustling city of Madurai, a 21-year-old's vision is redefining the skincare and personal care industry. Surya Varshan, the brains behind the D2C brand 'Naked Nature,' started his journey in a place as humble as a kitchen and has since built an empire that stands as a beacon of determination and innovation.

Beginning with a Bath Salt

During his 12th grade in Thoothkudi, a town known for its abundant salt, Surya crafted his first product. Mixing salt with flowers, he created the 'Hibiscus Bath Salt,' pricing it at Rs 320. In a market skeptical of youth-led ventures, the initial days were challenging. However, balancing his engineering studies in Chennai with weekend trips to Madurai, Surya tirelessly nurtured his nascent business.

The Game-changing Moment

The turning point arrived when an ayurvedic doctor, impressed with the Hibiscus Bath Salt, ordered more. This affirmation led Surya to transfer his academic pursuits to Madurai, allowing him closer proximity to his venture. Recognising the digital era's potential, he delved into digital marketing. Harnessing YouTube's educational content, Surya not only educated himself but started online classes on the subject. The funds generated, amounting to Rs 2,20 lakh, were channelled back into Naked Nature, propelling the brand forward.

Naked Nature Today

Fast forward to the present, and Naked Nature's portfolio is nothing short of impressive. With 47 diverse products, from bath essentials to baby care, the brand has carved a significant niche. The fiscal year 2021-22 was a testament to its growing stature, with a turnover reaching Rs 56 lakh and an impressive valuation of Rs 10 Cr.

Operating from its Madurai base with a dedicated team of six, the brand's outreach is expansive. Not only is it a click away online, but its presence is also palpable across multiple states, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Naked Nature's story is not just a tale of entrepreneurial success; it's an ode to youthful determination, adaptability, and the spirit of innovation. Despite the initial hurdles, Surya's unwavering belief in his brand and his ability to adapt to the changing digital landscape has positioned Naked Nature as an industry frontrunner. As it continues its upward trajectory, Naked Nature serves as a source of inspiration for young aspirants, proving that with passion and perseverance, age is no barrier to monumental success.