No-code revolution: Top 5 app builders for startups

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a startup, these tools are here to simplify and accelerate your journey.

No-code revolution: Top 5 app builders for startups

Friday November 03, 2023,

4 min Read

Overhyped or not, no-code tools have gained popularity with their simple drag-and-drop functionality. These are platforms that help users develop mobile apps, databases, websites, etc without being an expert at programming or computer science.

Here is a list of the top five no-code tools that can help startups create applications from scratch.

Top 5 no-code app builders


Glide is an AI-powered platform used to create no-code applications. It has more than 400+ templates, courses, video lessons, experts, etc to help businesses build apps. Moreover, users can also install their apps to test and share the app. Overall, Glide is a useful tool to make mobile applications without much hassle. This platform offers a free plan and the paid subscriptions begin from $25/per month to $249/per month.


Softr is a beneficial tool for businesses that want to build apps with pre-made blocks or elements. They provide functional blocks such as tables, charts, etc so that anyone can add them instead of creating them from scratch. Later on, the layout and content of these blocks can be edited.

Apart from that, Softr can extract data from 2 sources namely Google Sheets and Airtable. Another good feature is that firms can control access to the app and easily publish it from any device. Softr has a free version and their premium plans start from $49/per month.

No code app builder


Startups that need their own business app to streamline workflow can use Stacker. This no-code platform easily integrates with Shopify, Stripe, Hubspot, and Zapier to automate tasks. It also connects with data from Google Sheets or Airtable and allows collaboration so that revisions can be made swiftly.

Stacker has a free 30-day trial version available for all premium plans. The paid subscriptions start from $59/per month for small businesses and they provide flexible pricing for big enterprises.

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bubble is a visual programming language that helps users build web applications without any technical coding. This no-code app builder claims that users can develop apps like Airbnb and Facebook from their platforms.

One standout feature of Bubble is that it allows firms to flexibly customise the design and even make multi-lingual applications. Moreover, it integrates with various apps such as Google Analytics to help startups build a strong customer base and monitor performance metrics.

Bravo Studio

If your business uses Figma for app designing, Bravo Studio will help you create publishable app prototypes in a few clicks. It offers a wide range of features such as elements for design and style, components like charts and maps, and action buttons for scanning QR codes or downloading options.

Bravo Studio helps entrepreneurs and businesses publish their apps on the iOS App Store and Andriod Play Store. They offer a free starter plan and paid versions are priced at $23/per month for individuals or $424/per month for teams.

Benefits of no-code solutions

Easy to use and fast

No code tools do not require prior knowledge of coding or technical skills. It is made with drag-and-drop features that are simple to operate. Additionally, creating an app from scratch with programming can take months whereas no-code builders accelerate this process.

Collaborative features

Generally, developing applications has been dealt mostly with IT departments. No code tools offer collaborative functionalities to facilitate cross-departmental workflow. This helps teams bring creative ideas to the table and build unique apps without facing technical roadblocks.


For a startup, managing your budget and financial planning is a hectic task. So, onboarding an IT professional or IT team can break the bank. On the other hand, no-code app builders do not require the big bucks making it a cost-effective solution.


Since no-code app builders do not require manual coding, they can be revised and changed multiple times. This makes it flexible as startups can make appropriate additions according to the market trends and target audience.

No-code app builders are a next-gen solution for startups to make user-friendly mobile and web applications without writing codes. Entrepreneurs and businesses can leverage these tools to publish customised apps swiftly.