Dhirubhai Ambani's entrepreneurial magic: 6 lessons to learn

A charismatic and hands-on manager, Dhirubhai Ambani boosted his workforce, urging them to strive for excellence in every endeavour. Today, on his 91st birthday, we dig into 6 powerful lessons that budding entrepreneurs can derive from this business aficionado.

Dhirubhai Ambani's entrepreneurial magic: 6 lessons to learn

Wednesday December 27, 2023,

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The tale of Reliance Industries’ creation and the extraordinary journey of its founder, Dhirubhai Ambani, is nothing short of a modern-day fairy tale. 

From humble beginnings in a small Gujarat village, Dhirubhai scripted an epic journey, taking Reliance from ground zero to billions. His relentless drive to surpass his circumstances led him from a modest chawl to a net worth exceeding $3 billion, ranking him as the 138th wealthiest individual globally according to Forbes in 2002.

Hailed as the preeminent business figure of the 20th century, Dhirubhai Ambani embodied innovation and dynamism. His visionary leadership propelled Reliance Industries Limited, founded in 1966, into India's largest business conglomerate. He envisioned Reliance's growth as a pivotal element in India's progress, steadfastly believing in the nation's potential as an economic powerhouse in the long run.

Dhirubhai's leadership prowess was legendary. A charismatic and hands-on manager, he boosted his workforce, urging them to strive for excellence in every endeavour. Today, on his 91st birthday, we dig into 6 powerful lessons that budding entrepreneurs can derive from the business aficionado Dhirubhai Ambani. Take a look.

“The success of an entrepreneur lies in his ability to see beyond the present, to anticipate the future, and to take calculated risks to achieve his vision.” – Dhirubhai Ambani

Networking and building connections

Engaging and networking with your audience is a vital trait for a successful entrepreneur. Connecting with consumers not only fosters fresh ideas but also offers insights into their pain points, contributing to the growth of your company.

A master networker, Dhirubhai Ambani exemplified this ethos. Despite his established status, he remained hands-on, directly addressing consumer issues. His ability to forge and maintain connections with politicians, industry leaders, and officials was pivotal. Leveraging his network, Ambani secured government contracts, accessed funding, and formed strategic alliances that bolstered his ventures.

Unlike others who delegate problem-solving, Ambani actively participated in finding solutions.

Building a stellar team

It's all about collaborative teamwork. Dhirubhai Ambani placed immense trust in his team and valued their contributions. Successful entrepreneurs cultivate teams whom they trust implicitly. Trusting them wholeheartedly builds reciprocity that inspires dedication.

Engaging the team in discussions and valuing their input can motivate everyone. Ambani understood that caring for the team led to greater employee engagement. He was known for empathising with his team, standing by them through challenges, and not distancing himself with an air of exclusivity.

A hallmark of an exceptional entrepreneur is the respect shown toward the team, acknowledging that their ideas can significantly enhance the business.

Be kind without flaunting

Dhirubhai Ambani was known for his silent acts of kindness. Whether it was business-related or personal, he never publicised his deeds. His silent benevolence eventually surfaced, fostering trust and confidence in anything associated with him.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, active networking and social contributions are crucial. However, it's equally significant not to excessively publicise these actions, avoiding the risk of turning genuine acts of generosity into mere showmanship.

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Dream big but in consciousness

Dhirubhai Ambani lived by the belief that dreams can indeed actualise, even if they seem beyond reach at the outset. However, this achievement hinges on having a pragmatic, well-thought-out plan guiding your journey towards that ambition. 

He mastered the art of envisioning grand plans but was meticulous in analysing every obstacle along the way, testing the waters before setting his foot. This strategic approach turned his dreams into realities and propelled him to the summit of success.

A realist at heart, Dhirubhai always believed in starting small, learning the basics, and ascending step by step to achieve your business aspirations. Just as he commenced from a modest 350 sq. ft. office and eventually established a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Whenever faced with a seemingly insurmountable task, his response echoed: "No is no answer!" He not only dreamt big himself but instilled the same ethos in others.

“Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater. This is my dream for Reliance and for India.” –Dhirubhai Ambani

Take risks but calculatingly

Dhirubhai Ambani's philosophy, "more supply leads to more demand," symbolised a significant investment strategy. Despite being grounded in years of market analysis and research, it was his intuition and willingness to take risks that led to the actualisation of his dream.

While returns are crucial, budding entrepreneurs shouldn't fixate solely on them. Building a reputation and striving for excellence are the seeds from which profits eventually sprout. Renowned for his audacious business tactics and calculative approach, he fearlessly tackled competitors, shaping his legacy as a shrewd and bold entrepreneur.

Drive for innovation

Dhirubhai Ambani's unyielding drive to innovate and expand fueled his remarkable growth. His endeavours spanned various sectors, yielding results to not only himself but also the nation and its populace. A resolute pursuit of change can usher positive developments not just for your enterprise but for everyone within your sphere of influence, including your country.

Always adaptable, he identified business opportunities in tandem with the times. His belief in these principles sparked the cellular phone revolution in India. Today, as India stands as one of the largest smartphone markets globally, credit for this phenomenon goes to Dhirubhai Ambani. His relentless pursuit of surpassing perceived limitations, coupled with his unwavering determination and courage, makes him a towering figure of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs worldwide.

Dhirubhai Ambani's legacy in entrepreneurship rests on the foundation of imaginative yet pragmatic ideas. His far-fetched initiatives were not just personal aspirations but ambitious plans aimed at propelling India to a prominent global position. We wish his soul a very happy birthday!