How a Housewife, Shashi Soni, Made It Big: Rs.4100 Cr Success Story

Discover the inspiring story of Shashi Soni, who started with just Rs 10,000 and built a $500 million business empire, breaking barriers in entrepreneurship and social welfare.

How a Housewife, Shashi Soni, Made It Big: Rs.4100 Cr Success Story

Monday January 29, 2024,

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Shashi Soni, an Indian entrepreneur, social activist, and philanthropist, has had an inspiring journey marked by determination and innovation. Beginning her career as a housewife in the early 1970s, Soni's first venture was Deep Transport in 1971, she founded Deep Transport with an initial investment of Rs 10,000. This modest beginning led to her overseeing successful operations until 1975. She then diversified into the world of cinema by establishing Deep Mandir Cinema in Mumbai's Mulund area, which thrived until 1980.

After facing a decade of challenges, Soni's perseverance paid off with the establishment of Oxygen Private Limited in Mysuru, a pivotal moment in her career. This gas manufacturing plant marked her successful entry into the industrial sector. Continuing her entrepreneurial spirit, in 2005, she founded Izmo Limited, a global software company specialising in high-tech automotive and e-retailing solutions. As the Chairperson of Izmo Limited, listed on both BSE and NSE, she has led the company to significant heights.

Her net worth, which started from a mere Rs 10,000, has impressively grown to a $500 million(approx. Rs.4100 cr) enterprise according to reflecting her remarkable success and business acumen. Beyond her business endeavours, Soni is deeply committed to social welfare. She actively participates in various social causes through Deep Janseva Samiti, contributing significantly to job placements, women's education, launching pension schemes, and supporting differently-abled individuals.

Soni's journey from a housewife with business ideas to a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist is truly motivational. She has faced and overcome numerous challenges, showcasing her resilience and dedication. Her efforts have not only created wealth for her family but also positively impacted her employees and shareholders.

Her role in social causes extends beyond business. Soni has been pivotal in comforting and supporting workers during strikes, emphasising the importance of understanding and fulfilling their needs. She has also contributed to skill development programs, helping individuals from underprivileged backgrounds to learn new skills and improve their livelihoods.

Her illustrious career includes serving as the only lady member of the Managing Committee of the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association for seven years, where she played a crucial role during a time of industry transition. In recognition of her efforts, she received the Mahila Gaurav Puraskar in 1990 and has been involved in numerous initiatives like blood donation and eye care camps, and enabling women from lower strata of society to become skilled breadwinners.

Shashi Soni's journey is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the ability to transform challenges into opportunities, making her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and social activists alike.