YouTube Shorts: 8 proven ways creators can make money

Explore the ultimate guide to turning your YouTube Shorts into a lucrative income stream with these 8 expert money-making tips.

YouTube Shorts: 8 proven ways creators can make money

Monday January 22, 2024,

3 min Read

Embarking on a journey to monetise your creativity with YouTube Shorts? You're at the right place! Unlocking the full potential of this dynamic platform requires a strategic approach. From optimising content to leveraging the latest features, join us as we guide you through the key steps to turn your passion for Shorts into a money-making success!

In this article, we've distilled eight essential tips that will not only elevate your Shorts game but also pave the way for a rewarding financial venture.

8 essential tips to help you make money on YouTube Shorts

1. Ad revenue-sharing

YouTube Shorts provides creators with a chance to earn money by sharing in the ad revenue generated from their short videos. This system is designed to reward creators for producing engaging and popular content within the Shorts format. To participate in Shorts ad revenue sharing, creators need to meet certain eligibility criteria set by YouTube.

2. YouTube fan funding

YouTube fan funding allows creators to establish a more intimate connection with their audience by offering channel memberships. Viewers, in turn, can become paying members to access exclusive perks, badges, and emojis while providing financial support to their favourite creators. It includes channel membership, Super chat, Super stickers, and Super Thanks.

3. YouTube shopping

YouTube shopping provides creators with an opportunity to promote products directly through tagged Shorts. The eligibility criteria differ between YPP tiers, allowing creators in the lower tier to promote personal products and those in the higher tier ( with a minimum of 20,000 subscribers) to promote products from other brands.

4. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium significantly boosts earnings from YouTube Shorts. Offering an ad-free viewing experience enhances engagement by eliminating interruptions. Premium subscribers contribute to revenue through increased watch time, and creators receive a share of the Premium revenue pool. Access to YouTube Originals attracts more subscribers globally. This model incentivises quality content production, aligning with changing consumer behaviour towards subscription-based services.

5. Sell digital products

Monetise YouTube Shorts effortlessly by promoting and selling your digital products. Craft captivating content, subtly showcasing your offerings, and provide direct purchase links in the video description. Use the Shorts platform to quickly connect with your audience, building trust and driving sales.

Maximise your income potential by seamlessly integrating digital product promotions into your engaging short videos.

6. Join affiliate programs

Joining affiliate programs can boost your YouTube Shorts income by incorporating relevant product or service promotions into your content. By strategically placing affiliate links in your video descriptions, you earn commissions for every sale or action driven by your audience. Align your

with your content niche to maintain authenticity and cater to your viewers' interests.

7. Partner with brands

Unlock revenue potential on YouTube Shorts by partnering with brands. Seamlessly integrate brand placements into your content, negotiate sponsorships, and embrace affiliate partnerships for mutual benefit. Diversify income streams, boosting overall earnings and enhancing the monetisation of your engaging Shorts.

8. Create UGC for brands

User-generated content (UGC) is a commissioned form of authentic promotional material sought by brands. This strategy is particularly appealing for Shorts creators, regardless of subscriber count. Brands value the ability to create engaging, high-quality content that feels organic, making this revenue stream accessible even for those in the early stages of growing their channel.