Poverty to President: How Qi Lu, Creator of Bing, Redefines Luck

Discover Qi Lu's unique perspective on luck, comparing it to a bus service where preparation is the fare needed to board the bus of opportunity.

Poverty to President: How Qi Lu, Creator of Bing, Redefines Luck

Monday February 05, 2024,

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Qi Lu's life story is a remarkable example of how determination and readiness can shape one's destiny. Growing up in poverty near Shanghai, China, Lu's early years were challenging. Yet, he rose to become a key figure at Microsoft, notably leading the development of the Bing search engine. His journey from a humble background to becoming the President of Online Services at one of the world's largest companies is nothing short of extraordinary.

When asked about the role of luck in achieving success, Qi Lu offered a unique perspective. He believes that luck does play a part in life, but not in the way many people think. Instead of viewing luck as a random chance or a lottery, Lu compares it to a bus service. This analogy is a powerful way to understand how luck works in real life.

According to Lu, life is like waiting at a bus stop. Opportunities, much like buses, come by now and then. If you miss one, there's always another one on its way. The critical factor, however, is being prepared. Lu emphasises that preparation is like having the bus fare. No matter how many buses (opportunities) come your way, if you are not prepared, you won't be able to take advantage of them.

This philosophy shifts the focus from luck being a random, uncontrollable factor to something more predictable and within one's influence. It underscores the importance of being ready and equipped to seize opportunities when they arise. Lu's own life serves as a perfect example of this principle. Despite his early challenges, his preparation and hard work enabled him to capitalise on the opportunities that came his way, leading him to significant achievements in the tech industry.

In essence, Qi Lu's story is not just about his professional accomplishments. It's a lesson about the balance between luck and preparation. While luck determines when opportunities might come, it's the preparation that decides whether one can make the most of these opportunities.

His journey, from a village in China to a top position at Microsoft, illustrates the power of readiness in shaping one's path. It's a reminder that while we can't control when opportunities come knocking, we can control how prepared we are to open the door when they do. Lu's insights go beyond technology and business, offering a profound understanding of how to navigate the journey of success.