India’s largest export will be AI expertise, says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang is optimistic about India becoming one of the key hubs for artificial intelligence globally given the availability of data and talent

India’s largest export will be AI expertise, says Nvidia CEO

Friday September 08, 2023,

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Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, the trillion-dollar market cap company that makes graphics processing units (GPU), believes one of the largest export products in the future from India will be artificial intelligence (AI) expertise.

“You (India) will export more AI expertise than any other country in the world," Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang said in an interaction with the media in Bengaluru on Friday.


“India’s natural resource is computer science and one needs to transform that information technology (IT) into AI,” Huang said.

According to the founder, India has the data as well as human expertise. However, inadequate infrastructure in terms of computing power remains a top hurdle in realising India's AI ambitions.

“India only needs the infrastructure then the AI could be built in India, used in India and exported from India,” he said, adding that he would like to accelerate the building of AI infrastructure in India.

His other key priority in India will be on upskilling and reskilling. “AI is not going to take your job but the person who uses AI will take your job," said Huang.

Nvidia has emerged as one of the leading players in the segment of AI computing as there is a growing demand for semiconductor chips that can perform complex and heavy-duty tasks. The company’s GPUs are now in high demand with considerable wait time.

In India, Nvidia has been present over the last two decades and has around 2,200 people. It is also the largest such centre outside of its headquarters in the United States.

AI will also bridge the technology gap, Huang said. “For the very first time, anybody can program a computer as you have to just tell what you want and this is called AI.”

Nvidia also has strong engagement with the startup ecosystem not only as an investor but also providing its computing power to these companies. According to Huang, it is the right time for Indian startups to look for AI computing power right inside the country rather than going outside.

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