This women-founded bootstrapped D2C brand is now touching a revenue of Rs 20 crore

Erode, Tamil Nadu-based Deyga, a D2C personal care brand, uses natural ingredients to make its products. Apart ensuring its products are free of toxins, the brand also bats for sustainable living.

This women-founded bootstrapped D2C brand is now touching a revenue of Rs 20 crore

Friday February 25, 2022,

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Arthi Raghuram was always deeply upset about an ill-kept secret of the beauty industry — many recognised brands claim to be natural but still have several harmful chemicals. 

This led the MBA graduate to start Deyga, a natural personal care brand, in 2018. 

“I felt the ill-chemically loaded ingredient list of many brands didn't justify either their big fame or people's trust in them. It's quite upsetting that some of the strongest firms in the market still use harmful chemicals that do no good but only distort the protective barrier of skin,” she tells HerStory.

Arthi Raghuram, Deyga

Her D2C (direct-to-consumer) brand Deyga, Arthi says, not only makes natural products but also spreads awareness regarding sustainability, afforestation and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Every product has its own journey that engages with different traditional techniques embraced by Ayurveda in different stages. For instance, the brand’s hair oils are not a general combination of certain hair-friendly ingredients but are made specifically in line with Ayurveda concepts and are treated in vessels that are designed to enhance the properties of ingredients, according to the founder.

“Our one of the bestsellers, Beetroot lip balm is made from real beetroot extract which is complemented by a bunch of other natural ingredients that not only accompanies it well but also enhance its natural properties to another level. Hence, we take care of both, the ingredients, and  the right techniques to bring out the best,” says Arthi. 

The process of making the products 

Arthi says Deyga products are made from raw materials sourced either from local farmers or from Deyga’s own farm. These ingredients are then carefully checked and only top quality ones are used to make final products. 

“As far as the distribution and logistics are concerned, our team handles it all well to mark the best,” adds Arthi. 

The entrepreneur says that her support system – in-laws, husband and child – helped her in her journey.  

“It's my family and it's huge support that brings forth the best of professionalism in me. Of course my team, the Deyga team plays a major role in the evolution of the brand as well. If it’s functionality is being applauded it’s just because of the minds that work in sync with each other! Like every drop of water counts to fill a pot, our each and every employee shares equal contribution to build what Deyga is today,” says Arthi. 

Challenges and future 

The journey has been challenging, the founder says. The first hurdle was building the team.

“I still remember how words such as ‘organic’, ‘fragrance-free’, and ‘sustainable’ were completely foreign words to most of our employees who we spent a good amount of time demonstrating to. Next challenge we faced was the one while entering into this industry as a new born when many renowned brands had already established feet. Since then, challenges are no lesser but yes, we’re stronger with the love of our customers we have received throughout this journey,” says Arthi. 

The average basket size is 3-5 products and the price range is also quite affordable from Rs 250 to Rs 1100. According to the founder, Deyga generates a revenue of Rs 20 crore.

“We have a well sourced ideology that belongs to ancient India combined with modern technology to give out the best of both worlds. To add on, our ingredient list is clear cut and we choose not to hide our complete ingredients used in the process. I think the rawness of our products and the ideology we follow makes us unique,” explains Arthi. 

Advising all women leaders she says, “The best advice to women I can ever give is, Chin up queens! We need to stand up for each other. If #womenforwomen becomes a reality by all means, no one can stop us! Nothing is impossible in this world and even a journey of a thousand miles start with one step. So don't let your crown fall and let yourself become your biggest supporter. You can do wonders when you believe in yourself!” 

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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