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Pune Based Foodtech Startup Is Aiming For Nutrition & Wellness

From cold pressed juice to cut fruits  subscription for office and homes. Pune is going healthier than ever and  starting living better.

Pune Based Foodtech Startup Is Aiming For Nutrition & Wellness

Thursday December 01, 2016,

3 min Read

The Indian food industry is confident for huge growth as it has immense potential. This sector which is currently valued US$39.71 billion is expected to grow 11% PA i.e.US$ 65.4 billion at end of year 2018.

Few years back people used to face difficulty in finding fine restaurants in nearby areas and this problem was analyzed by zomato, as a result it came into existence and turned into biggest foodtech startup, also it has influenced many startups across the globe.

Pune has emerged as India’s high-tech startup city. It has good mix of startups that focus on verticals like e-commerce, education, marketing & advertising, food & health tech startups. Pune compared to Mumbai has better planned infrastructure & resources and thus this provide immense potential to the city.

However, currently there are series of startup that are now focusing on redefining the healthy eating. I have followed number of startup who is working to make healthy fine dining and one such foodtech startup is Pisum Foods based in Pune, India. This company is not only focusing on making sustainable, healthier food options but also revolutionizing our view on foods. This startup is run by set of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have experience of running startups successfully.

Cold Pressed  Juices

Cold Pressed  Juices

Pisum foods offer a product Fruitizm which mainly deals in selling fruits and related products whenever you want at your doorstep through their application and website. They have decided to integrate nutrition and healthy habits in people life. People take variable approach to eating and then realizing to go for something healthier. The company perception of health consideration makes there strong brand position.

Their products include fresh juices, cut fruits pack, milkshakes, assorted fruit boxes, weight loss drinks, smoothies, detox drinks, summer drinks, healthy fruit snacks and health specific packages which fit in your budget and tastes. This startup uses creative concepts, fresh & natural ingredients and convincing messages with sense of right and wrong to keep young consumers aware towards health. They use innovative food technologies to make food fresh and better for their customer. According to them they have created their juices after lot of research to provide balance of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. They use industry best cold pressed technology that does not apply heat and preserve all nutrients and thus they have clear edge over everyone else over this.

Cut Fruits Subscription

Cut Fruits Subscription

Apart from nature of Indian food sector, there main challenge is customer acquisition. The master plan of giving offer and discounts is better idea for short run as this will retain the customers but winning new customers is much more costly. No doubt, entrepreneurs would need to put more time and efforts on understanding the taste of audience without compromising with quality of food. Operations and logistics also plays an important role in experience that customer has. For long sustainable business and growth these startups need to offer value to the customers as in terms of quality, taste, price, service and distance/time.

Few lesson startups need to keep in mind:

Must Keep Their Brand Focused.
 Be Your Own Worst Critic, Especially Early On.
 Must Understand the Points of Resistance at the Front Line.
 Need To Resist Growing too Fast.
 Must Maintain Quality, at all cost.

A small part of technology used by a group of advance minds to create a win-win situation for everybody, this startup has for sure made its spot in the industry.