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7 Productive Steps for Planning Your Dream Project Successfully

7 Productive Steps for Planning Your Dream Project Successfully

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

4 min Read

Pre-construction planning may seem like a squander of time and other resources for some constructors. However, in order to manufacture a high-quality, fully-functional product, the pre-construction phase becomes the most crucial part of the project. If the projects are not planned well in advance, then you may end up wasting even more time with budget constraints.  

For successful construction projects, you need to lend your time in the following pre-construction steps that can help you during your long way ahead.

Organise your finances

When you embark on an expensive endeavour like building your dream construction project, it is essential to establish a budget first. Without any clear idea of how much you are willing to spend, there is a higher chance that you might end up paying more than you intended.

If you feel that you do not have enough savings, then search for alternate means to finance your construction.

Prepare a schematic design

After sorting the financial arrangements, the next step is to convert your ideas and dreams into a blueprint. Such initial planning will determine the scope of the project, including the project’s size, budget, and type of construction necessary to reach the building goals.

You can also appoint a professional architectural firm or project management consultant or collaborate with builders who can aid you during the entire cumbersome process so that you need not run around to organise everything and ending up compromising on most of your aspirations.

Research on real estate

You will not be able to build your dream project if you do not have land for it. The first question that should come to your mind is where do you want to build it? 

Once you have decided the locality, look around the area and find a plot of land of your liking that is within your budget. Do in-depth research about various aspects like convenience, reachability, utilities, business growth, etc.

Also, consider the type of improvements you like to make in your project that will give you an edge over your competitors like driveways, walks and amenities.

Familiarise with building regulations

Every area has a specific set of building regulations and codes. The building regulations are minimum standards structured by the government for design, construction or renovations to the building.

Familiarise yourself with the building regulations particular to the vicinity where you have bought land and meet the expectation of the prerequisites while building your dream project.

Purchase building materials

To build a long-lasting and sturdy construction project, it is vital that you have the right resources at your disposal. Give yourself enough time to choose everything.

You can purchase the building materials yourself, or if you have hired a project management consultant to oversee the construction, he can do it for you. Try to buy superior quality materials in bulk as that can significantly save your construction cost.

Get your permits

Depending on the scope of your project and where it’s located, getting permission from the authority can take a day, months or even years. You should be clear about various rules and regulations ahead of filing for permits about the length of the process, which will allow you to identify a likely start date for your project.

Permit fees can differ according to the locality. It can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on where you are going to build it and how big your project is.

Start the construction

With the plan submitted for permits and material selections made, you are ready to build your dream project. By this time, you would have chosen your project management consultant who will supervise your construction project.

This stage is the stepping stone for the construction of a strong foundation. When the exterior of your project is completed, you can hire an interior designer to begin the interiors.

This step-by-step process will be beneficial in every phase of your construction project.

In closing

We know that the planning process can be lengthy, but every right step you take will put you closer to starting your project with a clear vision of what’s next to come. Such planning makes it easy for you to accomplish your project without any hesitation.

Author Bio:

George is a Marketing Manager at Shah and Talati. He has gained immense experience in the field of construction project management and actively shares project management-related tips and views. Shah and Talati provides structural design consultancy and project management services.

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