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Consider 5 Things Before Selecting A Mattress

It’s a fact that sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. When we sleep, our bodies tend to repair and restore themselves. 

Consider 5 Things Before Selecting A Mattress

Thursday February 02, 2017,

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It’s a fact that sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. When we sleep, our bodies tend to repair and restore themselves. When we get tired, we go to bed and wake up feeling refreshed to start a new day. Do you open your eyes with a smirk on face and a song in the heart? No….? Most of the time I wake up feeling just as tired as I was before sleeping. I use to meddle my eyes open and induce myself for several minutes that it's time to get up. Is that sounds familiar?

I actually don’t want to blame our pillows and mattresses as the total cause of our less-than-thrilling start to each new day. But I believe that it’s a major contributing factor if you don’t consider several things before buying them. Just have a look!

1. Get To Know About The Mattress Materials

When it comes to buying a mattress, it’s significant to learn about the materials first. There are two types of materials used in mattresses; innerspring and memory foam. The most popular and traditional mattress material is innerspring, which consists of steel coils. Some manufacturers have recently introduced variations on the innerspring mattress such as the addition of special cushioning layers, infused gel and a pillowtop layer. The second type of material is memory foam that is made of latex foam or polyurethane. It softens as you lie on it and can mold to your body. So, choose the mattress material according to your personal preference.

2. Choose Organic Mattress As It Doesn’t Contain Chemicals

Just go for an organic mattress. A truly organic mattress do not contain any chemicals. Rather, these mattresses are made with natural latex originated from the rubber tree. It’s an organic cotton that has not been cleaned with toxic chemicals or sprayed with pesticides and untreated wool that acts as a NATURAL fire-retardant. Moreover, they are more costly than a chemical cocktail mattress, however, your family health worth it. Will you have a zest in your step when you wake up? I’m not sure, but I know you will certainly sleep a little more soundly on an organic mattress. So, are you up for such a big change in your life?

3. Try The Mattress Before Buying

It’s another important factor that cause restless sleep. So, always ask the seller that you want to try the mattress in the store. Don’t feel self-conscious, just lie down and make yourself comfortable. It’s a huge investment, so it’s okay if you take a bit longer to test it. Also confirm the firmness levels and material before finalizing the purchase.

4. Don’t Get Confused With Mattress Brand Names

This is a major confusion that the shoppers face while choosing a mattress and pillow. It happens when manufacturers and store owners slaps different brand names on what is essentially the same mattress. It makes difficult for the buyer to engage in comparison-shopping or showrooming. So, try to go to the store that offer branded bedding or you can also search online to get a better product for a lower price.

5. Check The Price Tags

When it comes to the price, get ready to negotiate if necessary. There are several stores that put higher price tags on the bedding products. So, it’s better to do a price-comparison among stores and manufacturers before buying. Choose the store that matches with the price tags that you’ll find somewhere else. You can also do direct-model comparisons at stores as well. If they don’t allow you to do that; you’re probably shopping in the wrong store.