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A trip to the future of education technology

“If we always do what others are doing, we will always get the results that others have got”.

A trip to the future of education technology

Friday February 09, 2018,

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Mathematics has a simple rule. When we add two numbers, it leads to a third number. Does this mean that the two numbers cease to exist or are they a part of the newly found entity? If 1+2 equals 3, then where are 1 and 2? This is not a mathematical discourse neither do I intend to challenge the theories of mathematicians. This is disruption, this is how the wild weeds blossom and replace the acceptable crop. My intent here is to realize the disruption that happens when two energies collide.


This is what has happened with education. What started as a one way for gaining knowledge has now expanded into a multiverse. The human race kept on adding ingredients to the recipe of education, trying to transform it into something new every day. Projectors are replacing blackboards; MOOCs are replacing extra classes; Online learning is replacing tuitions; Bots are replacing lab instructors; Tablets and smartphones are replacing notebooks; AR/VR are replacing field trips; technology is firing from all cylinders in the space of education.

Moreover, nothing else has had this massive an impact on education than technology. Technology is disrupting the students, the teachers and the academic infrastructure alike.

In fact, it has given birth to a completely new line of business that was unknown a decade ago – Edtech. The velocity of startups mushrooming in this space stands testimony to the disruption that lurks at the horizon. We can now complete a course and attain a degree without ever stepping into the college. We can learn to speak multiple languages at the click of a button. Teachers are available on our televisions, our smartphones and we can take the same lesson any number of times, anywhere we want and in the medium we understand. Scholarships are not a distant dream anymore; they are available right in our pocket. Instead of us finding scholarships, we can now allow scholarships to find us. Who could have imagined this scale of disruption a decade ago?

What does the future look like?

The future of education technology is bright. So bright that it will radiate a new era of students, a new way of acquiring knowledge and a new way of absorbing it too. Come, I will give you a glimpse into what the future holds for education technology. An exclusive peep into a world from the future!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will rule

Gone are the days when it required weeks of planning and burning holes in pockets to learn about the historical importance of a place. With VR, historical places can come to the classroom. Learning happens where you are. These technologies are reshaping education. Learners can immerse themselves in real-life scenarios and not just imagine them through the written word.

Technology to aid learning and technology to learn

While technology was once aiding in the learning process, the future envisions technology that learns for you. We grow smart with the help of technology and technology grows smart with our help.

Renaissance of the teaching community

For technology to work and effect any change, it requires the teachers to disrupt too. Teaching community will evolve to a more learner-centric approach rather than delivery-centric approach. They will innovatively use technology to aid with new ways of delivering knowledge, creating knowledge and accessing knowledge.

Skill not degrees

The student of tomorrow stands to face a new pedagogy. No more will Science, English and Mathematics take the centre stage. Skill development courses will top the employment charts. You can be an astronomer without ever studying the English language.

Scholarships not tuition fee

The ways to study will evolve rapidly. Resources will multiply and students will choose from a host of academic benefits passed on to them – all this made accessible by technology.

We are living in exciting times. We have the privilege to be a part of the change that our generations to come will live. We are building a future that we know, that holds limitless opportunities and one that will make learning synonymous with technology.