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Apps that bring co-working spaces to as many as possible

Co-working spaces and sharing economy is the latest trend among professionals and companies. Apps are here to help you. 

Apps that bring co-working spaces to as many as possible

Wednesday October 12, 2016,

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Co-working spaces and sharing economy is the latest trend among professionals and companies. Cubical offices are slowly getting re-engineered to include a variety of workspaces that can attract the urbanised digital folks. 

Several advanced cities today are adopting the concept of co-working /space sharing / desk sharing / office sharing. With this comes the age of space management apps or co-working apps. Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK and USA are already using these apps widely. Co-Working apps are meant to be the smart option to automate the task of searching, hiring, booking or even sharing spaces in just few seconds. Finding and managing your office or desk space is easier with these apps.

“People who use co-working spaces see their work as meaningful,” reported Harvard Business Review. Co-working spaces or common temporary workspaces are set to enter a new growth phase, driven by demand from remote workers, start-ups, mobile workers etc., who seek a low-cost, flexible work environment other than style and different office atmosphere.

So, what does Co-Working Mean to You?

# Working at home is a great idea, until it is not

Disciple is absolutely tough when it comes to “Work from Home” style. So, all those remote workers, freelancers, journalists or bloggers or those who do not have a permanent office or workspace can opt for co-working. There are few apps that can help you to get the right desk space you want in just a few seconds. These apps are meant for those who wish to find, share and even manage their extra space efficiently without going through those boring procedures. These apps can give you the right access to the growing network of workspaces throughout a city. You have the complete freedom to choose your desk and place to work.

# Let Your Employees Work Where They Want

It is a great idea to let your employees to work at a place which makes sense for them. In this digital era, anything can be accomplished by just sitting closer to your laptop/PC and your smartphone loaded with apps. Right from banking to closing a deal and to tracking your workmates, you can create a complete office scenario right from your devices. So, it makes sense to allow your employees to work at their space convenience. Agreed? Then you are the right pick for apps that lets you browse through the right office space at your city.

# Cannot Commit a Big Office Due to Cost?

Any business will demand a work space. But the cost to manage an office is huge which becomes impossible to bear at least during the initial phase of your business. Co-Working space of temporary working space can be the right choice for you. But how do you go about hunting a space in the city you are in? No worries, there are apps for you to help you locate one.

# Working on the Go is Common These Days

Does your job demand too much of travel and working in one place for more than 20 minutes becomes impossible? Writing responses, attending to conference calls can be a bit difficult even if you find a cafe as a place to work while on move. At the max, you can attend to your emails sipping a cup of coffee. But you need a place, a desk space to carry out core work task while on the move. Co-Working or space management apps are the right pick for you.

# Cannot Compromise on Quality Work Space?

Work space is the top motivator for any worker. But are you fed up of your dirty meeting rooms and stinking pantries? No worries! choose the place where you want to sit and work. Accomplish all chores of your business at the place which makes sense for you. Get complete ownership of your deskspace.

# Cannot Be Bound by a Traditional Office?

The new generation workers have high expectations. Work environment matters a lot for the younger generation. Traditional office, same desk, etc., does not inspire them. They can get disengaged with their work. This generation look value in various elements. They rather look to have a shared office space with open-minded collaborators with whom they can share ideas and get into executing serious quality work. No Worries. There are apps for that.

# Do You Have Unused, Spare Space to Share?

Private desks and office space, conference rooms and work spaces can be easily rented out temporarily on monthly or daily bases to those who require them. There are apps that will help you identify with those who are looking for such facilities.

Few Apps are designed to bring the ideal office to you. Three such apps are as listed below;



Rated with four stars, Desks Near Me is an app that is changing the way people work around the world. The app allows anyone to list and book workspace anywhere, any time. The app lets its users to convert the whole world as their workspace right from Barcelona to Berlin, Rome to Rotterdam. The app connects users with the right workspace for their needs.

• Easy to use

• Saves Time

• Expert

• Flexible for all levels

The app is currently available on the App Store for iPhone users.


Source: LiquidSpace

Source: LiquidSpace

This app lets users to customize their search based on the location, space type, size of the team and other booking terms. The app is easy to use and flexible for any level and budget whether for short term or for long term – whether for just few hours or for few days.

• Variety of options

• Flexible

• Easy to use

• Browse and book instantly


Source: Breather.com

Source: Breather.com

Breather is an app that lets users to find an office space, rent or share one or even just go and relax for as little as half an hour to a day or even for a month. The app is ideal for freelancers, travelling professionals, students, start-ups or even for those who just need a space to relax for a while with their laptop. Available both in Google play and App Store. 

Co-Working is Succeeding and so is Co-Working Apps

Digital work and online collaboration is no more limited to space and time. It is work on the go and we are already seeing a diminished approach to the realm of cubicle farms. Etiquettes are changing – rather re-defined according to the new fabric. Globally several cities have already adopted this concept. San Francisco, London, and Berlin were the first ones to take this back in 2005. Several buildings in the United States of America are built keeping the digital savvy employees in mind. Spaces and desks are available as low as for just half an hour and it goes until a month. Back in 2014, 72% of those who used Co-Working spaces were happy to deal with an increase in their income. The trend is increasing every year.

Welcome to the New Model

Co-working office spaces are getting popular as it offers small businesses, independent professionals, or even start-ups to take advantage of the mix of amenities that they get. Remote workers and mobile professionals can also make the best of their work day with Co-working office spaces. It is cost effective and beneficial. Apps are here to help you sail in this new approach. Get them quickly on to your phones.